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April 19 - 04:00 pm


April 22 - 11:00 am

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Daniel Mangena, CEO


Lake Travis

Austin, TX 00000

Austin, TX, US, 00000

Your life as a high achiever and top-performing entrepreneur is based on your ability to show up 100%in your business or career at all times. You have outflanked your competitors and peers because you know the value of hard work, dedication, discipline and strategy. The problem is however you have missed a key and perhaps life changing component piece – your health.

The old adage is not far from the truth, if at all; people who achieve often sacrifice their health for their wealth, and then seek to create a reverse exchange of wealth for health. Sadly this is an illogical and often detrimental function.

In this weekend mastermind, Chad Molyneux, creator of the signature Health & Wealth Blueprint and Daniel Mangena, creator of the Beyond Intention Paradigm come together for the ultimate transformational weekend for the high achiever.

Calling you to recognise just how key your health is not only to your future capacity to enjoy the fruits of your labour, but also how optional health can further advance your ability to leave your competitors in the dust, Chad and Daniel will be bringing high level information and tools to empower you to:

  • Increase your energy so that you can perform at the top level for longer, leveing up your productivity and of course your¬†productivity and of course your income and bottom line

  • Cut your time commitments by 80% so that this can be reallocated to more effectively reach your life, business and career goals and objectives at a factor of 10x +

  • Master your mindset in all areas by not leaving any behind – “You cannot claim to be playing at 100% when you are not taking care of your health”

  • Use outsourcing to optimise your health with grace and ease – break free form the illusion that being in shape takes massive effort and hours a day

  • Establish vitality and longevity so that our hard work reaps rewards that you can enjoy NOW

  • Create a new and effective auto-pilot around your health and fitness – make it your default and not your painful obligation

  • Retrain your monkey mind to support your health and repurpose this to increase your efficiency in all areas of your life

All attendees will get hands on support over the course of the weekend and have the opportunity to sample the strategies employed that form the Health and Wealth Blueprint so that you can see for yourself how effortlessly optimal health can form a part of a whole life strategy for peak performance.

Meals, accommodation, goody bag, all teaching and bonuses are included in the investment for this life-expanding weekend. We are taking over a private cabin and spending the weekend taking our health and wealth to the next level, introducing top level mindset coaching, practical health optimisation strategies and mindfulness tools.

All attendees also get a 121 coaching call with Daniel, copies of his books on mindset, purpose and time mastery, goody bag, personalised eating & workout plan and outsource strategy and access to Daniel’s Beyond Intention Introduction audio programme.¬†

For more information on the Health Wealth Blueprint, Beyond Intention Paradigm, Chad or Daniel book a call today and see how your mindset and health can be efficiently optimised to maximise your productivity and income.

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