Day Beyond Intention Workshop – New York, NY


March 23


10:00 am - 04:00 pm

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Daniel Mangena, CEO


Chelsea, New York, NY 00000

New York, NY, US, 00000

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Have you finally come to terms with the reality that you deserve more than the life you have been accepting? Are those mental, emotional, and energetic stuck states holding you back from creating a brand new life? Get the keys back to your own life with a Day Beyond Intention workshop.

Dreamer CEO, Daniel Mangena will take course attendees by the hand through the three phases of the “Ideal Life Blueprint”, his signature model for creating the life you deserve on command.

This full day of transformation will focus on employing the foundations of the Beyond Intention paradigm ( to:

  •          Learn the tools to write a completely new life script. Who would you be without the stories, obligations and expectations of the world? What brings you joy? Who do you close your eyes and wish that you could be?

  •          Discover how to cut ties with your old story and free yourself from the pain of the past. Identify and transmute the illusions that have brought you to where you are today – Learn how to get present and make new choices free from the pain of the past. Step into your power and realize that the life you dream of you can have with your eyes open!

  •          Create a viable plan to make this life a reality so you can Dream with Your Eyes Open. Learn the power of reframes and micro-shifts to slip past the resistance and the stories and transform your life into a joyful, loving, purposeful one that you truly deserve.

Course attendees will work deeply with Daniel on the day and receive a follow up call with Daniel or a member of the DHQ team after the session.

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