Malta Mastermind: Creating the Ideal Life


May 3 - 04:00 pm


May 6 - 11:00 am

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Daniel Mangena, CEO




Valletta, MT


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*Livestream of fixed teaching session available from just €97 with digital workbook*

Daniel is now going to be hosting a series of group video calls leading up to the event and providing access to his group coaching leading up to the event ($47 per month), along with access to his Beyond Intention Foundations Audio programme ($197).

On May 3rd just a small handful of people will join Dreamer CEO for 72 hours of deep, hands on, immersive transformation on the idyllic island of Malta in the Mediterranean.

The intimate setting of this unique experience positions Daniel to give unfettered personal attention to the growth of each attendee and meaningful and beautiful way, including a personal onboarding session with Daniel to asses their personal needs to ensure that they are fully catered for.

Taking you through the Advanced Ideal Life Blueprint formula for full on transformation with a hands on mastermind designed to take you to the next level in all areas including your health, wealth, relationships as part of a consciously chosen, purpose driven life.

Building on the content curated from the hugely successful Ideal Life Blueprint held in New York in January of this year, Daniel has further refined the ultimate transformational experience which will be taught against the backdrop of some of the world’s most beautiful and luxurious scenery.

Opening on Friday early evening with a welcome dinner party, class on Beyond Intention and intimate meet a greet, the weekend (hosted at a private villa) will be catered by the guests own private chef and includes a day navigating the waters of the world famous blue lagoon on a luxury boat, new moon ceremony calling in mother natures energy to connect with your new timeline and a party to celebrate your new life. Breakfast and final yoga class and meditation will be offered on Monday morning before we depart.

The core content on the weekend will of course be the Beyond Intention signature Ideal Life Blueprint, the ultimate three-phase model for creating and automatically unfolding a brand new life. This powerful tool provides a simple model for creating a brand new life and unfolding into it effortlessly and deliberately.

Again, Daniel will also be teaching his Time Mastery strategies found in his book, “From Time to Time” training you on how to free up 80% of your time and again unveiling another first in the form of the DWYEO formula for finding the core of your purpose  (“Dream With Your Eyes Open”). The intention is however to take time over the weekend to create complete mastery over time through the medium of tapping into Creating new timelines using instant jumping through what are described in quantum physics as “quanta”.

Daniel will also be teaching some core principals on manifesting, particularly in creating abundance, teaching his signature “money game” and how to create a pipeline of money flow that does not require physical action. He will also be teaching some of the principals being shared in his exclusive Microshift 2Millions 18 month Mastermind and reveal a simple methodology to create a million dollar net worth in 18 months or less.

Have you finally come to terms with the reality that you deserve more than the life you have been accepting? Are those mental, emotional, and energetic stuck states holding you back from creating a brand new life? Get the keys back to your own life with this powerful one day event.

Contact today for further information on the event, ask any questions and also discuss flexible payment plans over up to 6 months.

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