The Ideal Life Blueprint

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Every moment we are creating stepping into a new path creating new outcomes creating new experiences that we’re going to reflect on in the future if we want a new outcome we need to make new choices but the crazy thing is is that every one of us have choices in our lives that we should be making that we don’t choices that we shouldn’t be making that we do that person we shouldn’t call back you know I’m talking about that act that we should make but we procrastinate and beyond intention is a tool that allows you to get in control of those choices and very deliberate about the outcomes of a where they create them that’s why why teach on most of our life for most of us is being run on these bloody patterns that other people have told us we should be running on aspiring to goals that other bloody people have told us we should be aspiring to instant health abundance great communication loving relationships a life that we actually like to live I created something called the ideal life blueprint which is what I predominantly coach on I’m writing a book about that at the moment and I do like the blueprint invites us to consider that there are actually foundation points which form the basis for what we need to have as part of our experience in order to find happiness joy purpose and everything three things must be in alignment for anything to show up for you your energy must be aligned your mindset must allow it and you must take action and make choices in London did it if you do not do those three things you will not achieve anything you set up to do all you’ll do is create a pattern of frustration and failure that will perpetuate and continue to create nothing but more frustration and more failure if your life had to fit into five boxes your entire life the life that you’d like to live you ideal life if it had to fit into five boxes what would those five boxes be another way to look at is this if you had to live the balance of your life in alignment with only five books what were the topics of those five books B and then what I want you to do is I want to rank yourself on a scale of one to ten in terms of what your experience is with that box right now so taking this space that you have between where you are in the ten instead of asking yourself what can other people places and things do to nourish my growth in two at in what ships can I make within myself to be that Tim so that that ten shows up for me if you were a 10 out of 10 in each of these areas how could you not be a 10 out of 10 in your life what baby step can I make here and now in order to open myself up to that experience and therefore allow a flow in that direction to come to me and if I do that consistently on a daily basis guess what some point I will get there I think maybe just take away from this event was the fact that I think you know as the New Year passes I’m not one of those dogmatic make a new resolution type of people and I’m just really kind of brought to the forefront when we had this group conversation about the tool that we use which was a reflection of 2018 and you know what we what we reaped from 2018 our winds also maybe our trials then also looking forward into 2019 so it was kind of a way to set us up for for like new winds moving forward and just to connect with that mindfulness so yeah I think that was probably the biggest takeaway for me these tools will absolutely help me prepare for 2019 and it was really just what I needed to get the ball rolling And dan was really great and just I mean just tiny bits of wisdom and little activities and actions that you can apply to your day that I think will you’ll see immediate changes with well I know I will this is work that I was actually planning on doing myself anyways as a as a holistic coach myself and I’m usually when leading these events and so it was actually very refreshing for me to have someone else lead and for me to be a receptor alone so yes I’m a believer in this helping change your life for the new year you.

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