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Why is it Important to Set a Realistic Goal?

But I want it NOW!!

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Hey everyone, Dreamer CEO Dan Mangena here!

Back once again with a new blog for you all, this time on the importance of setting a realistic goal. This question came from the wonderful people over at Quora. 

Now to back the truck up slightly before I get into this: I know one of my things is to tell people to dream with their eyes open. I’m all about dreams and bringing them into our waking, physical world. ALL about it! But that doesn’t mean we should just focus on the end goal and try to make the leap to it. 

When I say that we should set realistic goals, what I’m really talking about is micro-shifting – taking consistent baby-steps in the direction of a consciously chosen outcome. 

Why? Well tell me if this sounds familiar: you have a dream. You decide one day that, you know what; the sand’s running out of the hour-glass and life’s to short to wonder what could have been. So…you set that goal, whatever it is. You embark on it, you read a book or two, buy a course, watch youtube videos etc… but all the while it’s the end goal that you’ve got in your sites. 

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Within a few months, possibly even without realising it, the spark is gone and you’re back to where you were before. You’re telling everyone that it just wasn’t possible, that the cards were stacked against you, blah blah…misery. 

Now was this because you set a goal that was technically unrealistic? NO! They’re all achievable, but what you didn’t identify were you minimum deliverables. What do I mean by minimum deliverables? Well you can probably work that one out, but basically it’s the smallest, easiest step towards your main goal that you can take right now and definitely get done!

Why is that important? Often the cycle of ‘failure’ that we find ourselves in, is because that is the view that our mind has of us: we are a failure. The mind is a perfect executing machine and it always gets exactly what it goes out to get. The thing is: because we are used to not succeeding, because we are so used to not finishing/achieving goals, the becomes the default setting. 

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When we set a series of minimum-deliverables on the journey to our goal however, all of the resistance, self-doubt, fear of failure etc… just isn’t there. This gives us the opportunity to build a new momentum, one that will help us start to change the script of our minds to one that supports our achievements, rather than undermine them. Before you know it; you have disrupted the pattern of failure, shown your mind a new default and it will start looking to support you as a success rather than a failure.  

This is not about stopping at the realistic goal. I’m not telling you, not to push your edge. You absolutely should, but be smart! Push your edge, not your buttons. 

So it could be that you’ve dreamt about having a successful movie production company. Lofty goal indeed! Probably seems nigh on impossible (especially right now during a global lockdown). But what is within your purview right now? Maybe it’s sending an email to someone in the business who you think might make for a good partner. Maybe it’s just registering the company or the domain name. Whatever it is; identify it, do it and celebrate it!

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You see the mind doesn’t know the difference between a small win and a big win, not really. If you achieve a micro-goal and celebrate the heck out of it, with all of the energy and fervour as though you had achieved your main goal, you are anchoring in the emotional energy and creating a strong base of support for your next goal. What that emotional energy is also telling your mind is that, this is possible! You can do it and you are worthy of it!

What also happens, when the mind is no longer looking for evidence that supports the story that we’re a failure, is that we open up to whole new levels of possibility and success. With that strong base of support, from the consistent baby-steps anchored in with celebration; you’ll find that you start making quantum leaps.

Thank you so much for reading this blog, from the bottom of my heart! If you enjoyed this, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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