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Why You Should Start Microshifting Today

Cutting through resistance to achieve your goals

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Want to know something neat? No matter how unattainable our goals may seem, we are all capable of achieving them. But how do we go about getting there? As the old adage goes, slow and steady wins the race. And that’s exactly what microshifting is! In a nutshell, microshifting is a consistent series of baby steps made in the direction of a consciously chosen outcome. Below, we’ll explore why you should start microshifting today, and channeling your wise inner tortoise! You may not feel it now, but your wildest dreams are more within reach than you may think.

It’s all in the baby steps

Whether physically or mentally, we’ve all taken that first step at some point in our lives; for the majority of us, we haven’t looked back since! Microshifting is about learning to take those little steps more consciously so that we may edge closer to our vision of success. Whether that’s manifesting money, losing weight, or building a new relationship, we can all take steps in the right direction of our goal if we truly put our hearts and minds to it. But how can we hope to get there with so many roadblocks threatening to throw us off course? For this reason, microshifting is not about the size of the step you take (or about beating your personal best). Instead, it’s about consistency. However small that step may feel, it still holds value because of the direction it carries you – even if it means opening the window to let in some fresh air!

Consistency, consciousness and why you should start microshifting

Ultimately, the magic sauce to microshifting is recognizing how small those baby steps can actually be. If we can learn to celebrate even the tiniest of movements, that winning mentality sticks as we begin to build momentum and let go of self-doubt. One such experience I had working with a client focused on overcoming the all too familiar obstacle of procrastination. With dreams of starting his own business, I set him the very simple task of a buying a journal. And what happened? He bought a journal! The next microshift was to keep his journal beside his bed; the third was the act of physically opening it; the fourth was to write one word that described his feelings about his business, which several steps later turned into sentences and then full journal entries dedicated to the planning and vision that was his endeavor. Once strung together, each of these microshifts then began to form a clear path ahead – making that dream of building a business a very real possibility.

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Ask yourself: what is my minimum deliverable for the day?

So, where to start? As microshifting calls for consistency, it’s about asking the minimum of yourself to keep that momentum going. No matter how de-motivated or time-poor you may feel, we all have the ability to make that minimum deliverable happen! On some days, you may feel you’re able to do more – in which case I encourage you to do so! While on others, you may find committing to any form of task overwhelming – in which case I encourage you to do the bare minimum! It may feel like a long-winded process this way, but from my experience thus far – nine out of 10 people get to where they want to be. They go on to overcome negative bias, and they go on to push past resistance. Why? The steps we are taking are so small, that resistance doesn’t even come into the mix! Before we know it, we’ve surpassed that initial goal to achieve even more than we set out to in the first place.

Forging that emotional connection

Beyond asking the minimal deliverables of ourselves, microshifting is also about building an emotional connection with that desired outcome – despite that end result feeling like a distant dream. If you find yourself on a health journey for example, it maybe you set yourself the long-term goal of losing 100 pounds. Rather than wait however many weeks, months or even years to buy that outfit – microshifting invites you to buy it now. By doing so, you are investing in that end result on both a physical and emotional level. That way, you are more likely to manifest it within your reality. By practicing gratitude and celebrating our success in advance of that final achievement, we are more likely to see it through to the end and embrace the abundant, joyful, purpose-driven lives we are all worthy of living.

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Your microshifting journey starts now

By microshifting your way to success, how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking and what you’re doing will transform over time! Not only this, but as you embrace a new mindset along the way, you can learn to hold onto the change you effected in your life. I hope you found this blog useful, and that you’re able to consciously embrace the act of microshifting within your reality! For further inspiration, why not browse my website where you’ll find links to my books, podcast, events and free resources. I hope you find them useful, and wish you well on your journey!

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