Beyond Intention





Beyond Intention life Integration Support (1-2-1 )


Exclusively for alumni of Beyond Intention workshops and online learning, book pay as you go sessions for personal support from one of our team of certified Beyond Intention practitioners. All of our certified Practitioners are specialised in a least one area of coaching or mentoring and have been handpicked for their skills and ability to lovingly support your transition into a life Beyond Intention.


Journey Beyond Intention Coaching Programme


Are you ready for an all in, 30 day Deep integration of ALL SEVEN LEVELS of the four stages of the beyond Intention paradigm alongside your own personal guide?

In this one-to-one coaching programme, we immerse into the Beyond Intention Paradigm together over four weeks.

Following an initial strategy session, you will be coached hands on via:

  • 8 hours of personal coaching with a Beyond Intention Certified Practitioner at your own pace
  • Over 5 hours of video content
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Interactive learning and bonus materials
  • Specialist guest presenters

This programme is openly available, although there is a discount for all Beyond Intention workshop alumni.

Support is on going throughout and after the programme:

  • Email support for 3 months
  • Whatsapp/messenger support
  • Access to our weekly group calls
  • Access to the group calls archive
  • Access to the Beyond Intention Online Community

There is over $35,000 in added value for signing up for this programme.

Schedule your deep dive call today to assess if this programme is optimal for you living life on your terms and Dreaming with Your Eyes Open.


Dream Beyond Intention Mastermind Programme


The name ”Beyond Intention” alludes to the ultimate aim – to be beyond the hamster wheel of intentions and expand into a state of perpetual awareness as “The Watcher”. To live a life of joy whereby the one thing you are working towards everyday is your Dream, the ultimate reason why you unfolded into this manifestation.

You are a unique being, with a unique contribution to the world, and in the Dream Beyond Intention Programme we will work together to;

  1. Position you to accept and celebrate your uniqueness and love yourself fully and completely
  2. Identify and clear any blocks – real or imagined – standing between you and finding and living your Dream life
  3. Discover the clearing tools best suited to break through these blocks and get you working regularly with a specialist practitioner to employ the tools to break free
  4. Build the plan of where to go and front run that new life with an attitude of gratitude – creating that future now and embodying it so it can unfold naturally into our life
  5. Work every day on creating that new life with the support of your Mastermind group who also act as your accountability partner on this journey.

At the end of this 12-month programme, you should not only know and be on the road towards a joyful life of purpose, you will have more joy in your life now and be empowered to love every moment of the journey with ease and grace.

Participants on this programme that work with Daniel personally can expect full access to the DreamerHQ support network that includes thought leaders from around the globe and leaders in their fields. You also get free access to DreamerHQ events for life and free or deeply discounted access to all programmes, services and events as well as a signed copy of all of Daniel’s books for life. A session with a Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Resonance, Rapid Transformation therapy or Hypnosis practitioner, are all included in order to support breaking free from deeply rooted blockages to your breakthrough.

This programme includes:

Regular coaching sessions with Daniel to track your progress through the programme

Access to the weekly Beyond Intention group calls

Weekly accountability coaching sessions with a Beyond Intention Certified Practitioner

Membership to the Beyond Intention online community

All content and videos from the Dream Beyond Intention Intensive online Programme

Quarterly mastermind meet up with guest speakers (flights not included)
Round of personal calls with clearing specialists to help drill down on an optimally calibrated personal clearing and listening tool kit
Two sessions a month with a clearing specialist in line with your personal clearing tool kit
Dream identification session and 12 month transition map

Monthly Session with a certified Brain Health Coach
Monthly mastermind group call
Lifetime access to including training and support
Weekly group session to learn and practice mediation
One-to-one business, career or abundance coach depending on your goals and objectives
Relationship coaching for you and your spouse

Twin flame coaching if you are yet to find your soul mate
Personal Divine polarity coach to get your grounded in your femininity or masculinity
Health and diet coaching
Meal and fitness plan to plan and get you to your health goals

For those open to it, we also arrange a past life regression session with associated support. A session with a Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Resonance, Rapid Transformation therapy or Hypnosis practitioner, are all also included in order to support breaking free from deeply rooted blockages to your breakthrough.

There is a refundable fee payable to apply for this programme