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My Definition of Manifestation

What it truly means to manifest the missing spark As the world seeks to rebuild itself, words like ‘manifesting’ and ‘manifestation’ have become sexified of late. Just scroll through your…

Why There’s Always Room For Growth

The journey doesn’t end here… At any given point in our lives, there’s always room for growth. This will of course look (and feel) different for all of us. Whether…

How to Live Your Life With Intention

Re-write your unconscious programs to target abundance Hello reader, and a warm welcome to my blog. June is fast approaching, and with summer on the horizon, I feel real promise…

Go All In and Make Change Happen

Go big, or go home! Hey readers, Dan here! I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. May has arrived, the sun is smiling, and I feel the magic in…

Why Mindfulness Matters

Being mindful to manifest abundance Hey there guys, who’s ready for another blog?! It brings me great joy to share my teachings and thoughts with you, so to have you…

The Journey of my Beyond Intention Paradigm

Create the life that speaks to your heart Hello hello, and a very warm welcome to you. Abundant, joyful, purpose-driven…I’ll just leave that there! Whether you’ve heard of my Beyond…

Understanding How Alignment Works

You’re here – the stars have aligned! Hello wonderful readers, I hope the sun is shining down on you! With spring in full swing, I can feel real change in…

Welcoming Abundance Into Your Life

It’s never too late to start anew Hello gorgeous people, and welcome to my latest blog. With the universe as abundant as ever, I wanted to take the chance to…

The Frequency of Love & How to Use it

Abundance is your birthright A lot of people talk about ‘the frequency of love’. While they’re all wonderful, I’ve not seen many of them talk about it with regards to…

The Healing Powers of Micro-Shifting

Understand your minimum deliverables Hi guys, Dan here! Hope you’re all making the choice to seek abundance this month. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to visit…

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