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Only Your True Purpose Can Light You Up

How to be bright from a beautiful place within

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Purpose is something we all strive for in life – whether that’s as a child, a parent, a friend, a colleague (the list goes on). But why is it that, as the years go by, we’re still transfixed with seeking it? As we’re continually encouraged to compare ourselves to one another – as opposed to celebrating our differences – that true sense of purpose is soon lost to the ether. If and when we go on to unearth that purpose, we’re then led to believe that finding it will bring us eternal happiness; a sense of accomplishment so vast that we don’t need to do any more. Purpose can light you up – but it’s up to you to keep that fire burning!

For those of you already living a purpose-driven life, I salute you – just don’t stop what you’re doing! For those lacking a sense of belonging, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re more than likely to sit in this camp than the former. If it’s the latter that resonates nowadays, it may be you’ve yet to find your purpose; or, quite simply, you’ve lost your way. So, how to find your way back? Only your true purpose can light you up from within and bring you genuine happiness.

What makes you feel joyful?

All too often, we’re fed the lifestyle that we think we should be leading, and made to like the things we think we should like. Just take a moment to scroll through Instagram or thumb through that glossy magazine! Nine times out of 10 though, these seemingly perfect lifestyles are an illusion; another chance for influencers or brands to capitalize on our insecurities. But ultimately – whether phony or not – all of these things come from somebody else. For that reason, any glimmer of purpose left can never truly be yours. So, shut yourself off from the distractions and take a moment to contemplate what makes you feel joyful. This might have nothing to do with the clothes that you wear – or it might have everything to do with it! Whatever that thing may be, giving yourself permission to pursue and enjoy it will give you a sense of purpose.

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We all have something to contribute

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker – whoever you happen to be! Only your true purpose can light you up. Each and every one of us is treading a unique path, and therefore has something unique to contribute. A janitor’s purpose should be acknowledged and celebrated just as much as a groundbreaking scientist’s purpose. I believe the universe doesn’t make mistakes and that everyone has their place in the world. Whether you already know yours or are yet to figure it out, we all have an important role to play. If we’re able to accept that fact, our guard comes down and we can finally be full of what truly makes us happy. We all have something we can be proud of, and that something should be celebrated. To find that purpose, we simply ask ourselves this: what feels good and does no harm?

Purpose can change from moment to moment

As we take on information and are met with new opportunities, our purpose in life can change. While someone living in the middle of the jungle may have a limited purpose, move them to a city environment and that will likely change. Now their purpose is to teach people to slow down, or find the beauty in simplicity! Their willingness to grow and expand – and thus feel their own sense of purpose – led them to a space where they now have a new mission. As humans, we too are meant to grow; it’s therefore likely that, at some point down the road, that purpose will look a little different. As we take on new experiences and leave the jungle behind for the big city, most of us are going to feel that change in the wind as we shift our purpose to better align with our dreams.

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Only you can let your true purpose light you up

While purpose can fill you up and help you manifest true happiness, it’s ultimately down to you! Nobody can tell you what truly makes you light up from within, so be prepared to dig deep! If you want to learn more about aligning that purpose, then you’ve come to the right place. My blog and bestselling books are a great way to expand your knowledge further, or why not tune into my ‘Do It With Dan’ podcast – where I speak to a whole host of special guests on how to live a purpose-filled life of joy and abundance! For more guidance on how to change your internal programming, to attract greater abundance and experience greater freedom, please click on the link below for free access to my:

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