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Listening to find truth in the silence

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As something I created to help people live more abundant, purpose-driven lives, you may already be familiar with my Beyond Intention Paradigm. Having visited the subject of the gift that is gratitude in a recent post, I’d now like to explore the journey of listening and the integral part it plays in raising our awareness. There’s so much depth to the subject of listening, and while I speak to the principal levels in my bestselling book ‘Stepping Beyond Intention’, here we’ll explore its many layers in more detail. It’s something we all have within us, and that is listening to find truth in the silence.

Listening isn’t something you can do until you are comfortable with silence

I don’t just mean this in a passive way, but actively developing a relationship with silence. It’s within this silence – when we shut off the noise from our everyday lives – that we can truly be who we are. With this truth, we can start to transcend the stories, narratives, and reality that exists – which we continue to tarnish with BS filters! Exploring the difference between reality and truth on my podcast, reality is what we witness when we start to layer that experience with our stories and narratives – resulting in a bastardised version of that truth.

By listening to find truth in the silence, we can override those stories and step into the world as it really is.

By doing so, we start to break away from the stories that stand between us and what we intend to create.

When we connect to a potential by being a frequency of it within our emotional state, we open ourselves up to owning it in the ‘now’. In other words, we can start to witness instant manifestations of our creation. However, when the stories we hold close prevent us from experiencing that manifestation, we enter a kind of mind field space. The space between connecting to that intention and the experience we anchor to witness in the now; that is where the listening happens.

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We’re just keeping a (third) eye on things, listening to find truth in the silence.

While listening can prove a form of distraction, it’s important to be aware of those stories playing in the background. Often the reason that prevents us from witnessing that manifestation in the first place. Sure, there are many collective agreements that contribute to its delay – from worthiness to the illusion of time to the way money materialises. These are all collective agreements we subscribe to, but have you ever stopped to think that it’s these stories that dictate the path leading to that manifestation?

Having explored this further on my Medium page; I once wrote that ‘if you’re doing everything right, it’s not going wrong‘. All that really alludes to is that once we’ve imprinted a new emotional state on the empty sheet of the now – if we haven’t yet experienced that expression – there are still stories that prevent us from doing so, or something telling us that change must occur in order for that manifestation to take place!

By listening to find truth in the silence, we’re opening our ears to those narratives, and asking ourselves whether we still really subscribe to them.

“Hey life’s narrative, do you still serve me?”

In my work with lucid living, we explore the edge of consciousness around this idea – but we must endeavour to ask ourselves: does this belief still serve me? We often find that with asking the question comes the realisation that it doesn’t. Therefore, we can then create a new intention around how we’re going to think and feel. While on the occasion that story or illusion does serve to an extent, we work with it by choosing to act – sharpening our lives by aligning with this belief. If, for example, you believe that you must work to earn money and you’re happy with the story you subscribe to – then all you have to do is work! If you believe you must meditate every day in order to manifest health, then roll out the mat – for that is what you must do!

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Don’t become slave to your sub-conscious stories

It is important however to remain aware of these stories so that we can keep challenging them as the sole author and creator of our lives. Through listening to find truth in the silence, we can start to ask: what seeds am I planting? What narratives am I playing? Wielding the power of that awareness within Beyond Intention, we may start to take the following steps:

  • One: Accept it as a reality we’re experiencing
  • Two: Remove any emotional charge and return to the now
  • Three: Re-imprint how we want to feel against the backdrop of our story

Moreover, it’s about thinking and feeling with awareness all the time, and not speaking without considering the impact those words could have on our reality. Before taking an action impulsively, we must ask whether that action aligns with the experience we wish to invite into our lives; is this the seed that represents the fruit we wish yield? Regardless of the answer, we are taking up the mantel of owning that creative responsibility over our own lives. But it does require awareness: of where we are, who we are, and what it is we want. This means listening to find truth in the silence.

The power of the ‘observing witness’

For me, this also represents the model of stepping into the seat of the observing witness, explored by Eckhart Tolle in ‘The Power of Now’. This empowers us to view the performance of life as the observer, rather than a slave of circumstance. As one big cosmic game playing out before us, we can choose to engage with it as and when. We can also consciously be at the helm of the outputs we receive. As we choose to spend more time within that state of listening, it becomes the playing field through which we operate within Beyond Intention.

We are served by stepping beyond the need for intention – that comes from being a slave to unconscious thoughts – that form the lens through which we observe our life. Are you in control of your intentions? Are you taking the steps to align with your beliefs? By doing so, only then can you truly be present within the now. Adding more to the picture and stepping into more creative dominion within your life.

As ever, thank you for reading folks! If you want to continue your journey with listening, please tune into my ‘Do It With Dan’ podcast! If you haven’t already, please also join my Facebook Group where I continue to explore the tools available to help us lead more abundant, purpose-driven lives. For further reading, you can also check out the rest of my blog or why not explore my life-changing series of bestselling books – from ‘Stepping Beyond Intention’ to my most recent release: ‘Money Game’. Ready when you are!

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