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Welcome! I’m Daniel Mangena. I teach people like you to develop a millionaire mindset and achieve abundance mastery. There’s much more to that than just figuring out the magic of manifesting money though…

You’ve likely done the money affirmations, read books on manifesting, and tried all the techniques to create your dream life. Maybe you’ve also tried to take on a “money personality”.

You’re on the right track. Yes, your thoughts, energy, and subconscious beliefs and programs do create your life. You do need to reprogram yourself for the success you want to experience.
But there’s more to know…


Wealth does not merely mean money. Wealth is the absence of lack in all areas of your life. It’s vibrant health. Incredible relationships. Less stress. Deeper purpose. Waking up every day with a full heart and a sense of gratitude for your life and all that’s in it. Joy, fun, laughter. Love. Freedom. All the above and more.

That’s why I teach the process of getting into alignment with true wealth. After experiencing this energetic alignment, you’ll never settle for money manifestation as the main prize again. Yes, manifesting money WILL happen, but there’s so much more than that available to you!

You just need to want it. I’ll guide you the rest of the way.

Ready to get started?


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my testimonials

Linda Bruce
Alchemy of Abundance Testimonial
Alchemy of Abundance Testimonial
Alchemy of Abundance Testimonial
Alchemy of Abundance Testimonial
“Dan is the real deal! If you need a nudge in to get moving forward in a fulfilling direction, I encourage you to consider his Beyond Intention Paradigm. Simple thoughtful and effective”
“Dan has amazing insight and skills Coaching people to a connection to their wise heart-center. He’s an awesome coach because he’s on the journey! He’s the epitome of “live it to give it!” My work with him was powerful and effective. I’m a fan for life!”
“I worked with Dan today on an issue that I have been struggling with for 1.5 years. I’m a coach myself so I felt I could really work though my own reframing and managing this topic. It took him about 15 mins to zero in on what the root cause was, and he gave me tools that absolutely erased my suffering, my story and my patterning. I swear it was magic. Poof! GONE!! If anyone is looking for precise, clear coaching PLEASE contact Dan. Make sure you are open to receiving his coaching and you get out of your own way and I promise you will have miraculous results. He’s a magician.”
“Daniel came to my rescue and helped me take control of some ugly issues that have held me back for waaaay too long. His Beyond Intention paradigm is such a beautiful and effective tool, it is mind-boggling -- that is it shakes you up and helps you get to the next level in your growth. Book a session, do it this minute and you will be so thrilled with the new you that emerges when you do this work”