Daniel Mangena 

Your journey to abundance starts here!

I want you to have the right levels of support that bring you all of the abundance, joy and purpose that you desire. For many of you; this will not require huge investment of time or money. Not everyone wants to be a billionaire and that’s totally fine! These have been carefully designed and tested, in order to ensure that they offer the support that you need, when you need it. You should never feel inadequate, or like you’re lagging behind when you do these. At the same time, they will give you the structure and leverage you need over yourself, in order to get the job done. We all have it within us to be as abundant as we choose to be. According to the recent World Wealth Report by Capgemini – the number of global millionaires, in U.S. Dollar terms in 2020 stood at 19.6 million. That’s a LOT of people and should hopefully give you some perspective. It’s not that rare or special to be a millionaire – sorry! Micro 2 Millions – Getting you from zero to millions one micro-step at a time. Money Blocks Session – We all have a personal relationship to money. We all have our own power to create it, but we also have unique blocks that stand in the way of us realizing our abundance. Clearing these blocks requires an equally unique and tailored program, enabling you to step into an abundant future with ease. Corporate Training – So many of the principals I teach my individual clients can be applied to the corporate environment. It is possible work within the corporate structure and still create wealth and abundance. Removing limiting beliefs and creating alignment will have a profound affect on sales teams especially, helping you to grow your business without limitation.