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Give Your Manifestation Staying Power With Beyond Intention

You wield the power to manifest something magic

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Manifestation – whether you’re familiar with the technique or not, it’s often used to describe the birth of our own success on one plane or another. I believe we are all worthy of more than just a mediocre life. So, if you’re settling for less, stop right now! A life of joy, abundance and purpose is there for the taking, and a life that you alone truly love. While manifestation can help us make this vision of success a reality, what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be temporary? There is a way to give your manifestation staying power, and it begins with embracing Beyond Intention.  

Staying power with Beyond Intention

Tired of manifesting a successful outcome, only to watch it slip away? It was from my own personal experience of loss that led me to question my technique, and eventually transform it! From the tender age of sixteen, I’d shown interest in the research of esotericism, mysticism, and a little something they liked to call manifestation. This study and understanding then led me to the four-step model that was vision, purpose, faith, gratitude – a method I swore by to manifest the success I was sure I was destined for. Yet, jet-setting lifestyle and flashy watches aside, all was not as it seemed. After losing my multi-million-pound fortune the second time round, I knew something had to change. For what was the point in success if I couldn’t manage to hold onto it?

Owning your success, for good

We all want to be successful in life, and own our experience of that (however it may look). But that doesn’t have to happen fleetingly, or by chance! If you have the means to manifest that outcome, then you also possess the power to hold it still. My Beyond Intention Paradigm became the excavation of that technique; a bit like doing triage surgery on that original model! From vision, purpose, faith, gratitude, that modality transformed into four clear and concise steps as an evolution of everything I had won, lost and learnt so far. These were (and still very much are): accept, clear, gratitude and listen. Ultimately, each of these steps slows down the process of what we’re manifesting so that we may have that conscious engagement with it, and direct that engagement towards the thing we most desire.

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Your road to manifestation, one step at a time

While I break this down into even more detail in my book Stepping Beyond Intention, the Beyond Intention Paradigm comprises, in essence, of the following steps:


This means embracing the mindset of responsibility and owning the fact that we are all the authors and creators of our own lives. Everything that has happened up until this very moment is as a result of a choice we have made consciously or unconsciously. If we can bring that light of awareness to the even the unconscious parts, we can begin to have more dominion over the fate unfolding before us.


This invites us to consider that the only place we can invite change from is a place that is real. As opposed to bring locked by the emotional charge of our memories, we can learn to draw wisdom from our past experiences. Instead of our being caught up in expectation in the form of fear, anxiety and disillusion, we can acknowledge the journey – while still with the ability to pull ourselves back to the now.


Living with an attitude of gratitude, the most powerful application of it is, in fact, to fuse it with expectation; in other words, our ability to create a positive expectation of what we desire to experience. By fostering a level of gratitude in advance and expecting it to arrive, we can develop a level of certainty around the reality we wish to come to fruition.


This final step reminds us that we are only human. We are not going to get this thing right all the time! By accepting the fact that there will be mistakes along the way, we are consciously listening and able to pull ourselves back on track; that conscious awareness allows us to cause correct, and thus continue to move in the right direction of our goals.

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Give your manifestation staying power, and don’t delay!

Focus for a moment on what you want to create, and the infinite possibilities that surround that! With tools like the Beyond Intention Paradigm, it is possible to give your manifestation staying power – and go beyond settling for less. I hope you found this blog useful, and that you continue to browse for further guidance on your manifesting journey. If you’d like to learn more, my bestselling books delve into my practice in more detail. Or why not tune into my podcast Do It With Dan, where you’ll hear from a whole host of manifesting experts just itching to share their advice!

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