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How To Succeed From A Place of Abundance, Not A Place Of Lack

Learning to receive something you know is coming

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Health, wealth, happy relationships; whatever success looks like to you, how did you last welcome it into your life? At some point on your journey, it’s likely you’ll have ‘chased’ the things you thought you didn’t have. (Whether consciously or unconsciously!) But the truth is, chasing something and attracting something are two very different things. While we chase things often on a whim; we attract things we are worthy of and that we know to exist. This is the crucial part! To succeed from a place of abundance means to acknowledge the fact that these things are coming your way. In this blog, we’ll explore how to embody that abundance from the outset, and thus attract more into our lives.

Scarcity comes from a place of lack

Falling victim to the chase is nothing new. That inner drive within us to be the ‘best’ versions of ourselves; the job, the car, the house, the other half – is so powerful, we frantically scramble to make it a reality. Sometimes, we do it without knowing it actually exists! Or it may be, quite simply, we just want to feel happier. For this reason alone, chasing comes from a place of lack; while we may stumble upon that success by chance – it’s more than likely we won’t experience it so easily again. To succeed from a place of abundance therefore, we must shift that outlook altogether. Rather than adopt the mindset of ‘I don’t have it, therefore I must get it’, abundance represents wholeness; an abundant flow of energy. In time, it is that energy that will ultimately help you attract your version of success into your physical reality. It can also help you keep it there.

Succeed from a place of abundance

This may sound easier said than done and, of course, we all have to start somewhere. From the moment we were born, we have all lived in lack at some point or another; often, it is these experiences that make us stronger. It may be that at one stage, we struggled to pay the bills due to the fact that there wasn’t enough money coming in. If this still resonates with you – now more than ever before – I say this: retrace your steps. By looking at the preceding incidents, it’s easy to observe that life is a series of causations and effects. At this precise moment, we are all living in an environment as a result of causation we instigated in the past. Repeating the same pattern of causation however is only going to result in more lack, which in turn becomes a vicious cycle! By hitting pause and putting a new series of causations in motion – we’re going to start experiencing more abundant outcomes. This requires us to start operating from a place of abundance within.

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Taking action to receive something

We all come from different places and abide by different ideologies, beliefs and philosophies – but wherever we are on our journey, we still have the power to change our outlook. Whether that’s preparing ourselves to receive something, or working on our manifestation techniques further down the line, embodying that receptivity can help us to attract further abundance. While success has been known to land in the laps of the lucky few, attracting abundance into your life doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action at all. Going through life taking action to receive something we know is coming is very different to going through life hunting down that outcome – without even being aligned with what that thing is. A large part of cause and effect is receiving in physical reality that which we’re able to experience in physical reality. Knowing something is going to come versus wanting it (but not knowing where it’s coming from) are two very different energies.

Understanding our vibrational match

A lot of the time, our internal programs prompting us to chase success is as a result of our environment and the expectations of others. We are magnetic creatures that engage with the environment that which we are magnetically attracted to. In other words, we can only experience what we’re vibrationally matched to! By moving through the world with the self-defeating thoughts that we need to be validated by things (often outside of our control) only opens us up to more lack. Instead, building a conscious relationship with who we are, how we’re showing up, and how we can consciously align with our true value systems can help us succeed from a place of abundance.

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Slowing down to embrace the now

As life continues to move at one million miles an hour, it’s no wonder the stakes feel higher than before – with our brains often struggling to keep up! Instead, embrace how you feel in the now. That paired with the power you wield to effect real change in your reality, and you’ll soon leave those feelings of unworthiness behind. For more advice on how to succeed from a place of abundance, take a  look at my other articles – or why not explore my bestselling books – designed to delve deeper into my practice? For those who prefer a podcast, my ‘Do It With Dan’ show welcomes special guests every week.  I look forward to welcoming you soon on your exciting journey to abundance.

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