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How to overcome money mindset blocks? (And Manifest Money Instead)

Your money mindset blocks are stopping you moving forward

Money mindset blocks have a habit of showing up far too regularly in our lives. As soon as the subject of money comes up, that inner voice, the one we have an internal battle with, starts whispering in our ear creating a paranoia around money that’s hard to push aside.

Phrases such as ‘you don’t deserve to have more money’ or ‘you should be saving not spending’ are commonplace and hard to ignore.

But they don’t have to be. 

Those money mindset blocks you have, the ones currently controlling your ability to enjoy an abundant life, can easily be extinguished. By understanding what’s behind your relationship with money you can change your emotions and harness the power of micro-shifting to attract abundance.

But first, you need to uncover the money myth you’re addicted to so you can make that money mindset switch.

And that starts with reframing your belief system around your Money Mindset Blocks….the ones rooted deep within. 

You see, believe it or not, your career, business, life, family etc. have absolutely nothing to do with why you don’t have the money you desire or dream about.

All the unlucky things that seem to just ‘happen to you‘ aren’t dictating your money story.

Money itself has nothing to do with your money mindset blocks.

What it really comes down to is your own beliefs around money and the message you put out into the universe about how you feel about it.

If you don’t believe you deserve to earn more money because you’ve come from a family that were always having to tighten their belts, then you’re going to have a difficult time attracting more money into your life.

If you secretly believe others will think about you differently if you have money and they don’t, then again you’ll repel those possibilities that come your way to amass more wealth.

It all comes down to the energy you’re putting out there. 

If everything you do and say is giving off a positive energy around money, saying this is something you want no matter what, then you’re telling the universe you’re open to the idea of wealth.

BUT if the opposite is true and you’re putting out a more negative energy that says, ”I don’t deserve to have money” or ”Money is the root of all evil and no good will come from having it”, then that’s in conflict with what you’re asking for. What you’re doing is sending out mixed messages and unconsciously repelling any money-making opportunities.

Ready to discover the money mindset block holding you back from affluent abundance?

Money Mindset Block #1 – Fear

A fear of having money, losing money, spending money or saving money has the ability to completely control the way you think and feel.. 

Any desire for money gets overshadowed by the strong signals being sent out into the universe, ones that ensure that any money accumulated will disappear quickly.

Many people believe they’ll be punished for any type of financial success that comes their way. Not only that they worry that how others see them and act around them will also change.

The voice of fear in your head can be a loud one ruling your thoughts, feelings and emotions around any type of wealth accumulated or prosperity in life.

It’s that same voice that can trip you up when it comes to making money decisions rearing its ugly head and allowing analysis paralysis to creep in.

Phrases such as “A fool and his money are soon parted!” ring a bell with this money mindset block.

Money Mindset Block #2 – Guilt

Guilt will rear its ugly head when spending money on anything that isn’t absolutely essential, whether it’s yours or comes from your business bank account. 

It’s a belief that any type of ‘erratic’ spending is irresponsible and can only lead to trouble. Wasting money is a sin and should be punished.

It’s that same inner critic that makes you believe you can’t possibly enjoy having money when there are people out there who have none. The thought of others not having enough whilst you live an abundant life is abhorrent to you making it hard to allow for any kind of investment in yourself as you simply wouldn’t believe you’ve earned it.“Money doesn’t grow on trees!” would be a familiar phrase for this money mindset block.

Money Mindset Block #3 – Negativity

Negativity knows no bounds and is generally completely irrational based on the beliefs of others which have often been passed down from generation to generation.

These beliefs are usually deep-rooted into your subconscious so are sometimes hard to detect in yourself, with the most common being that money can hurt people, not literally, but through the associated pain it can trigger.

This pain manifests itself in different ways sometimes through a lack of self-worth, relationship issues or even fear of failure.

Your mind can play all sorts of tricks on you when you think about money and give it power. Almost putting it on a pedestal which can be very dangerous because you’re then allowing yourself to believe money can accomplish anything, letting it seem bigger than it actually is, which gives it more of a hold over the way you think about it and act around it. “Money can’t buy you happiness.” would not be out of place around this money mindset block.

Money Mindset Block #4 – Expectation

An expectation around money, or more accurately lack of money, is the route of the issue here. Every time those words “I can’t afford it” are uttered it puts the whole focus on the lack of money instead of being open to receiving it.

This is playing into the law of attraction, meaning we attract what we desire. Belief and expectation are the two biggest elements at work here. If in life the expectation is to have no money the law of attraction will bring you what you expect and believe you should have.

So the key here is not to focus on the lack of money because then you’d be attracting back more of the same. Instead focus on a more abundant life that welcomes money as a friend and not a foe. When you do that you’re attracting back that abundance to you tenfold.

Ester Hicks, inspirational speaker and author, talks about there being ‘two ends of every subject’. In regards to money specifically, she talks about their being two sides, one side is the money you want and the other is your lack of money. 

Her philosophy is to focus on the want and not the lack.

If you’ve ever muttered the words “We need to tighten our belts” then this might be a dominant money mindset block for you.

Now you know the main money mindset blocks what’s next?

I want you to think of money as a tool. One that can be used to effect that positive change within your reality. 

Money is NOT the root of all evil. It can be used as a force for good and we’re all worthy of financial abundance.

The way you subconsciously think about receiving, spending, saving and withdrawing money is a powerful thing because your beliefs drive your behavior. 

And remember, you have the power to rewrite your story and move beyond intention and create real, lasting change.

If you’re ready to kick those Money Demons out of your head once and for all then I’d love you to take the Affluent Abundance Quiz to help you identify your main money mindset block and get started on the path to resetting your relationship with money.

Think of it as resetting your hard drive and erasing all that harmful data that’s become like a virus clouding your thoughts and emotions, dictating your every move and influencing your judgment without you even knowing.

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