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Good vibrations: how to embody your decisions

Resistance exists within us, not the universe.

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So, 2021 – we’re getting used to having you around. What you got for us?! It’s fair to say that 2020 didn’t quite deliver the starry-eyed, turn-of-the-decade success so many of us had hoped for – be that in our work lives, personal relationships, or spiritual endeavours. But it did give us the time to sit back and reflect on what really matters. Not in the past, not in the future, but in this precise moment. So how can we be present so as to grasp it more effectively? Let’s talk about how to embody your decisions!

Money, of course, will always form a part of this realisation – but it’s not all about the ‘moolah’! It’s also about feeling empowered to live a more fulfilling life with the opportunities that come your way (and the financial success as a result). You can embody your decisions in order to make it so – because your destiny is within your control!

Okay, okay – but what do vibrations really have to do with it?

Whether you’ve read a blog, visited my YouTube channel, or heard one of my podcasts, you’ll hear me talk about vibrationsand for good reason. Our universe is comprised entirely of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. That energy collapsing into different combinations (also known as atoms) comes together to make compounds, which come together to form physical things. However, energy will only begin to take shape once it’s given an instruction. 

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That’s where emotion comes into it. Emotion matters because energy in the universe can only take shape depending on what we’re ‘vibrationally’ matched to; it’s emotion that makes certain sectors within that landscape available, and thus opportunity possible. Resistance exists within us, not the universe. There are no limitations – only those in your head. Once you learn how to embody your decisions, anything is possible!

Anything is possible, you say?

Yep, you heard me right. But hold that thought – first we need to talk about goals, and not just the act of setting them. This year in particular will see a lot of people overpromising the world to themselves. Probably to make up for the catastrophe that was 2020. But how can we set goals that are realistically achievable, without adding to an already stacked pile of pipe dreams? 

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The key to this exercise is aligning with your goals and asking yourself the million-dollar question: what do I actually want? It’s about stepping away from New Year’s resolutions and not just doing something new, but being somebody new. Goals aren’t really that useful unless you’re showing up to them differently; if you continue on the same monotonous path day in day out, the future remains un-changed. Whether it’s your health, relationships, finding your purpose, or finding meaning in your career, the underlying principle is the same: you must start to embody your decisions.

Be careful what you wish for

To reiterate the above: aligning with your goals means to identify what it is you wish to gain from setting them in the first place. Whether due to cultural or societal implications – for example what your friends recommend you do, or what the media says you should be doing – it’s important to realise that we often set goals as a result of other people’s expectations.

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Aligning with your goals is about lifting yourself out of those situations, away from the noise so as to establish what your true self really wants, and why. It’s no secret that often, people aren’t able to achieve their objectives. This is because deep down, they don’t want them in the first place! They’re chasing after what is, essentially, someone else’s dream. It’s important, therefore, that you learn how to embody your decisions, and yours alone.

The ‘law of vibration’

You’ll have heard of the ‘law of attraction’; if we think about it, this depends on the law of vibration. People assume that if they think happy thoughts, this will cause that vibration. But having that happy thought doesn’t make it happen – it only opens up the way to that happening. For example, if you picture yourself having financial abundance or being wealthy, what feelings do you connect to that experience? Do you know what you’ll feel like when that goal has been achieved? As opposed to someone else dictating what you ought to feel? And can you feel that on a consistent basis? 

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You could look at it like this: your thoughts are electric and your feelings are magnetic; when you align these, you are magnetising yourself to take charge of your destiny and chase what you really want. Without those feelings, such thoughts are rendered powerless.

Finding your vibrational match

Aligning your goals is all very well, but how do we find that vibrational match? Everything you experience starts with a choice – often on an unconscious level. But we must also consider that the unconscious level happens as a result of conscious inputs (70% of which occur between the ages of 2 and 7). Ultimately, as we begin to develop analytical function, we have a choice over what we keep and what we reject. Beyond our hormonal teenage years, we develop the ability to make those choices, yet we don’t necessarily adhere to them. This is because the unconscious mind also seeks the comfort of the known. We go to the same places for dinner, we have the same conversations with the same friends – over and over again. It’s no surprise, therefore, that things stay the same.

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What truly stops people from moving forward? The fear of the unknown. If you’re not willing to embody your decisions by jumping beyond what is known, then you are not ready to go anywhere just yet. 

Visualising your success

We’ve all heard of creative visualisation, but where does it actually lead? It is, in fact, the act of programming our minds to start expecting something. We’re triggering a mental state and we’re starting that rehearsal. The expectation that follows on from that visualisation says: “hey energy, can you collapse into the form of £100K per month?” And that’s when things happen. Creative visualisation is a powerful tool in helping us to shape that inner landscape into what we want to experience. We just have to know what it’s for. 

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Money in the bank is a tool to help you get what you actually want. The ‘seven levels’ exercise, for example, allows you to pinpoint these motivations by peeling away the layers.

Are you someone wishing to provide the best education opportunities for your children? Going beyond that, it’s about leaving a legacy, providing security, and ultimately, ensuring their future happiness in later life. Once we understand those layers, having that vibrational match becomes so much easier.

The law of attraction can then kick in. We can start to connect with what we’re attracting through the embodiment of the choices that we make! That’s when opportunities come along, and that’s when we should step into them (as opposed to procrastinating, self-sabotage, and not recognising these chances when they come along).

Living in the ‘now’

It’s hard to exist in the present moment, but letting go of the past and the future – as fleeting as time may seem – empowers us to embrace the ‘continual’ now, and move closer to the things we want. While the plastering of positive affirmations over our newsfeeds and notebooks are a harmless mantra, words mean nothing without the energy behind them. 

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You must take the time to ask yourself: am I behaving like someone who is ready for this? We all need to show up differently in order to receive differently. After learning how to embody your decisions, you will start expecting an outcome – and once you start expecting it, opportunities will head your way. 

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