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Embracing the journey

That’s what life is after all!

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Embracing the journey is my chosen topic for this blog; wherever you are on your path to freedom, it’s never too late to change course – I’ve been there, done that, (got the T-Shirt)!

Hello and welcome! I’m so humbled you made the time to visit my blog. If you long to live a life of joy, purpose and abundance, the hardest part is taking that first step. And here you are making it today! I often talk about the gift of the present or ‘the power of now’, but how can embracing the journey really help you get to where you want to be? 

I have been blessed with a lot of things going wrong – It’s all part of embracing the journey

Okay, so hear me out! Everyone struggles when the going gets tough. It’s good to expect the unexpected, but it can creep up on you when you least expect it, with the power to shake your confidence. For me, there have been many bumps in the road and a lot of left turns to get to where I am today. Embracing the journey is easier said than done!

Now that I’ve made it to the other side however, I look back and recognize the significance of those events, and how they paved the way forward. It may not have been the path I intended, but those little hiccups were the all-important catalyst I needed. I just didn’t know it at the time!

My last relationship was a difficult one. I’d tried to leave my home turf of the UK for Dubai only to be summoned back again by a partner whom, deep down, didn’t really want the relationship. It was thanks to her that I made that decision however, and what felt like a mistake at the time actually marked the beginning of a new journey. I attended a workshop in Europe, ran by my now-teacher Dr. Joe Dispenza, during which I received the validation I needed for the work I had been doing. And the rest, as they say, is history!

That validation made me pull my socks up

By embracing the journey, I started to see new opportunities opening up before me. So, what was I going to do about it? I finished (and subsequently released) my book, closed my old business down, and channeled my energy into my new calling. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to save thousands of lives in the process!

Yes, a smoother road would have made things easier. But when we pause to look back at that journey, are we really thinking about the pain of the race when standing on the winners’ podium? Do the small hardships we have to endure, or the ‘bumps in the road’, really matter if we’re feeling fulfilled at our end destination? 

photo of woman running on fishing line Embracing the journey
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I lost two multi-million-pound fortunes by the age of 24 (yes, you heard me right) with loads of other crazy stuff happening along the way. But all of that brought me to where I am now: in a place where I get to do what I truly love. Nobody tells me what to do. I enjoy a cup of tea on my rooftop as I look out over the ocean every day. I’m blessed to get to work with amazing people and teachers. I have two bestselling books and I have an amazing life! I am in total control because I’ve consciously chosen it.

In essence: I want people to have a choice

Moving beyond embracing the journey brings me to the subject of choice. If more people did what lights them up from within, then that would create a real shift in the world. Right now, there is a collective agreement of fear. People are stuck at home indoors, feeling lonely, losing their jobs and, due to COVID-19, falling seriously ill.

Imagine if that wasn’t the case. What if those people living in fear and darkness were instead lit up by doing what they loved? Imagine if they could add to the world, instead of take away from it? My mission is to help people take that journey and choose that life. Without the object of money holding them back.

You could live in the mountains, or you could have financial freedom right now

I’ve heard many a spiritual guru disregard the role of money in helping us get to where we want to be. But how, for example, did you come to know about these gurus? Perhaps they wrote a book, created a Facebook ad, conducted an online programme, or went on the stage. They didn’t sit at home meditating and telepathically transferring their ideas! They manifested something in the physical reality that facilitated that connection to their work.

When it comes to our physical reality, one of the easiest mediums of change that facilitates us having more choice and more things is money. Some people do bad things with money, while others do wonderful things with money. That aside however, it boils down to this: money is a medium of exchange that facilitates more choice.

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Aligning with your intentions

So, onto alignment. Whether it’s health, relationships or financial abundance – alignment plays a big role in my work. It’s about setting clear intentions and aligning your physical reality with that intention. It goes without saying that we’ll naturally work hard to achieve the goals we really aspire to. But that alone is not going to create alignment.

This is because we’re more than just a physical body; we still have belief systems, stories, trauma and many other things happening at a mental level. And then we have things happening at an energetic level which are measurable.

Our emotions, for example, can be measured as a frequency – also known as our vibe! These are the things that make us who we are. So, when it comes to creating something, I ask: what am I choosing to create? Does my energetic self line up with that? Does my mental state line up with that? Only then can I wholly align with my intentions and make the first baby steps towards my goal.

A single small change held consistently provides a different outcome

We all know it’s the small changes that, when made over time, can really make a difference. The same goes for our own journey and the willingness to show up, no matter what the day may bring.  A consistent series of baby steps made in the direction of a consciously chosen outcome is how I like to describe ‘micro-shifting’.

While it’s tempting to adopt a ‘go big, or go home’ approach, how often have you found yourself falling at the first hurdle? Everyone, however, is capable of making a small change – whether it’s waking up 5 minutes early or replying to that friend’s message – without the fear of failure. To make that micro-shift a reality is to bypass resistance by making real success for ourselves.

By pausing to anchor each of those micro-shifts – while we may only see them as ‘little wins’ – the mind sees them as quite the opposite. We said we were going to do something, and we honored our word to ourselves. That puts us on a new trajectory entirely, and as winners we can then take that energy and apply it to other areas of our lives in order to make the change we wish to see, happen.

delighted multiethnic friends raising arms happily on bench in park Embracing the journey
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If you want to hear more about micro-shifting, check out my recent podcast with Millennial to Millionaire host Paris Grant. You’ll find my very own Do It With Dan podcast right here, along with my bestselling books for further reading here. Just remember, taking those baby steps and embracing the journey is only the beginning. Dream with your eyes open!

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