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Feel stuck? So What: Start Again!

Let’s take a minute or two to talk about starting again. 

Take a pause. Breathe. Start the hell again!

So often we get caught up in not having achieved something or not being where we want to be. The thought of starting over seems so unthinkably overwhelming. We keep banging our heads against a brick wall, trying to force something into being against our internal resistance, in the mistaken belief that to not do so, is to fail.

What I want to encourage you to do, if you’ve found yourself stuck or you’ve reached a point where the results aren’t showing up, you’re procrastinating and feel like you’re going backwards is; take a pause. Breathe. Start the hell again!

There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is a beautiful thing to acknowledge that the moment you find yourself in is an opportunity to start again. It can be a perfect opportunity to remake, recode and re-experience whatever you’ve been witnessing up until this moment. 

Whatever your goal is, if you’ve slackened off recently, instead of engaging in the usual self-flagellating “I’m a failure” negative energy spiral (that your subconscious loves, because you’re resigning yourself to old patterns) again; just take a pause. Breathe. Start the hell again!

A wiser person than I said: “people don’t fail, they quit”

So if you’re taking a moment to start again from a stronger, more positive position: you haven’t failed! It ain’t over till the fat lady sings? Well guess what, you can take the mic away from her and stick a sock in her mouth (don’t really do that)! 

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