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Empower Others To Unlock Your True Potential

Why letting go can let you lead the life of dreams

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When was the last time you delegated a task, and how did it feel? It may have been big, it may have been small – but it was one less thing to worry about. Yet as business owners, letting go of our duties is easier said than done; even down to the less-than-glamorous admin! All too often, the thought of handing over such important jobs to others feels so overwhelming that it becomes ‘out of the question’. Yet, by choosing not to seek help in these areas, we are digging ourselves a hole. We are denying ourselves the life that our business was founded to deliver in the first place; a life within our total control, doing the things that we love best (because we want to do them). In this blog, we’ll explore why to empower others is to unlock your true potential.

Success without sacrifice

For some of us, this concept may feel impossible in many ways. We aren’t superhuman after all, and more often than not, something’s got to give. While blood, sweat and tears are nothing to be frowned upon, they come at a price. As a society addicted to hard work and hard graft, we can lose sight of the things that really matter; both in our professional lives but also in our personal lives. I spoke to mental health therapist Lindsay Smith who’s built a career around helping people invite what they love back into their lives. As someone who’s lived in the trenches and experienced it for herself, Lindsay was able to grow her business the moment she accepted help from others. By doing so, she was also empowering them to achieve great things, which gave her time to define her own vision success.

Empower others to unlock your potential

With her first teen therapy center set up over a decade ago, Lindsay soon found her calling. Not only did she love giving back to her community, but she loved connecting, helping and growing with people. Without even realizing, Lindsay had embarked on the road to entrepreneurship. After hiring her first team members, Lindsay opened other family therapy centers in order to support the wider community. Working alongside other seven to eight-figure female entrepreneurs however, Lindsay soon found that while successful – these women were neglecting other areas within their lives.  Before Lindsay knew it, she too was doing the same. Yet while the work-life balance wasn’t working any more, she’d come too far to give it all up.

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The gift of time

Working with these women, Lindsay began to return to the reasons why she wanted to grow in the first place. She wanted to encourage others to learn to love themselves, and invite the things back into their lives that they so loved before. Yet to continue on this journey, the support of others would be required to afford them that time. By realizing this in herself and others, Lindsay began on her mission to make mental wellness known in a much bigger way – helping other women realize that it was also possible for their business. For many people entering the world of entrepreneurship and high-level careers, the sacrifices to come were just a given. Yet empower others with the tasks holding us back, and those time-consuming, all-consuming tasks begin to dissipate – making way for the previous commodity that is time (to do with what we want)!

What does success look like to you?

Whether it’s a 3-hour week, a 20-hour week, or more – success looks different for each and every one of us. For Lindsay, the women she works with love making a difference and contributing to the world. Therefore, some may choose to step back more than others in order to claim that all-important time back for other things. As business owners, while we may think we are the linchpin, with good training and processes in place – whole entire businesses can be run on our behalf by other people. While they may sometimes only do these jobs just ‘well enough’, there will be other occasions where they create event better ways of doing things. Not only does this improve the efficiency and output of the business, but it empowers others to take ownership and step up as leaders of the future.

Empowerment and setting the boundaries

With the lines between our home and working lives more blurred than ever before, setting the boundaries has never been so important. Together with the support of others, this can have a huge impact on maintaining that balance – whichever way the scales happen to tip. Perhaps Monday and Friday meetings become a thing of the past, or laptops remain in the office; perhaps evening work is instead replaced with sacred family time, or simple pleasures like reading a book. Once you realize you can set those boundaries and trust others will do a brilliant job, things can start to fall into place. By this point, it could even be that the world is suddenly your oyster!

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Serving others to serve ourselves better

Through empowerment, we serve ourselves better; we serve those whom we serve within our business better; we serve those who are supporting us within that process better. That initial reluctance is never about not trusting another person. It’s about not trusting yourself. If you don’t trust that person to pick up the baton and run with it, maybe deep down you don’t trust that you’ve hired the right person to do the job – or that you’re unable to communicate your ideas to them. You can catch my full conversation on empowerment with Lindsay on Do It With Dan now, or why not check out the rest of my homepage. A joyful, abundant, purpose-driven community of like-minded people awaits.

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