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Wield The Power Of Meditation To Manifest Your Dreams

Meditate to create…

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Hey you, stop meditating right now! While I may have been known to say this, meditation can in fact serve as a useful tool for change. Wielded in the right way, and the power we create from meditation alone can be channeled into manifesting what we truly desire; in other words, the power of meditation to manifest your dreams! While the practice of meditation in isolation won’t get us far, it can help us manifest the outcome we wish to see as part of a holistic process.  So, rather than give up on meditation altogether, here’s how it could mark the start of a new chapter.

There is no right (or wrong) way to meditate

If you’re new to the world of mindfulness, the power of meditation to manifest your dreams may sound a little far-fetched. You may also be led to believe that there’s a certain way to go about it. Yet, like every human being walking this earth, we are all unique. We all have unique minds and thus will tap into that meditative state differently. There is no secret formula to meditation. While some of us meditate while we exercise, others may do so while standing still. So, whether it’s during yoga, painting, cooking a meal, or just before you sleep, embrace those moments as a sacred time that’s yours alone. Though it can be tempting to follow the lead of others, this ultimately serves as a distraction. Meditate your way, and the magic will soon follow.

Meditation as part of the bigger picture  

When I tell people to stop meditating, what I mean is to cease that practice alone. Instead, meditation can be used to manifest your dreams as part of an even bigger picture. While it would be lovely to retreat into the wilderness for weeks on end, meditation on its own symbolizes the beginning and the end of that journey! Whatever the latest trending guru, healer or shaman argues, change cannot possibly happen without the action that follows. As much as we’d love it to, success doesn’t land in our laps without lifting a finger. And if it does, it’s for the very lucky few (and likely won’t happen again)!

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Taking action to attract abundance

Wield the power of meditation to manifest your dreams, and abundance is within your grasp. That glowing ball of energy within us has to go somewhere, otherwise it would simply die out! Therefore, by choosing to harness the power we generate through meditation, we transform it into manifestation. In other words, we choose to take action. By translating this power through changes in our own behavior, we are shaping a new path or new causation. Ultimately, this can only ever result in a new effect! By consciously stepping forward with intention, this energy propels us forward in a way that allows us to break away from what holds us back unconsciously.

Holding ourselves accountable

Even through periods of ‘failure’, taking responsibility for our actions allows us to create success from a place of honesty. Use meditation to manifest your dreams in a way that’s truthful to you, and you’ll always be more present. Regardless of whether we’re ‘happy’ with our situation in life, we are all where we need to be in this moment as a result of our own choices; whether conscious or unconscious! While this realization may come to us during that meditative state, taking action and holding ourselves accountable following that experience can ensure it materializes within our reality. Recognizing that all of our contributions are valid empowers us to expand beyond the limitations we often set up for ourselves.

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Meditation to manifest your dreams

If you’re new to meditation, why not give it a go as part of your manifestation journey? While it may feel a little ‘woo woo’ at first, taking time with your thoughts and getting your mind right will only help clear the way forward. A someone who meditates on a regular basis, I can assure you this won’t all be for nothing!

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