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Things Need to be Real

An excerpt from my interview on the Unshakable Being Podcast

I recently had the great pleasure of engaging in a deep conversation with my colleague Dr. Heather Clark, PharmD. We explored some of the ways in which we can use intention, alignment, and abundance, in order to become unshakable.  

I encourage you to listen (and subscribe) to her podcast – Unshakable Being – where she explores inspirational and practical tools that will help you to shift out of stress, stop going in circles, and get what you want in your life, body, and business. You can learn more—and get the transcript—by CLICKING HERE.

So this blog is a slight change from the norm, in that I’m writing it to serve as a companion piece to a podcast I guested on recently called Unshakeable Being, hosted by the charming, wise and always affable Dr. Heather Clark, ParmD. 

Things Need to be Real 

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So one of the first things that Dr. Heather and I touched on, is the need for ‘things to be real’. What do we mean by that?

Well as part of my Aspergers Syndrome, I find even the most mundane tasks hard to master, without understanding the rules. You see for most of you, I’m sure a trip to the supermarket to get the groceries isn’t something you worry terribly much about getting right. For me, without understanding every step required and rules around them, I would struggle. 

Now at times this can be quite debilitating for folks in my position. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed in everyday, social situations. Where it is of great advantage to me though, is where the ‘esoteric rubber’ meets the road.  You see, as Dr. Heather points out: the physical, energetic and spiritual worlds are all very real for me. By necessity, very early on in my life, I had to create alignment between all of these realms/states, making each one as real as the others. 

I know some people who have trained with the best guides and teachers, practiced meditation and spiritual healing their whole lives; but yet still aren’t happy because they can’t create the alignment with their physical world. In other words: they can’t make their meditations real!

I speak about this all the time, and maybe that’s because it naturally stands out to me; but alignment is the key! We have to become vessels to channel our desires from the metaphysical to the physical, otherwise what’s the point?!

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Now in order to create said alignment, we have to get really clear on the details! This is another pitfall of modern ‘self-help’ training. Vision boards and all that stuff are all well and good, but nobody is encouraged to get specific. 

A picture of a yacht, or someone else trekking through the foothills of Tibet are NOT specific enough! They might evoke a brief warmth in you for what it would feel like, but that will probably be very quickly replaced with resentment for the person you’re looking at, who is actually doing it. Where vision boards are especially ineffective in my opinion (and I’m not saying that they are for everyone) is in the fact that, by their very nature; they’re someone else’s vision. You weren’t there!

One of my clients, who we’ve gotten to five-figures already, was in session with me recently and I asked her: “what’s it going to look like when you get to six?” She couldn’t tell me. She started naming things she might like to buy, but no real details. 

It’s not good enough to say: “I want a blue car.” You have to know make, model, trim level, options, interior, upholstery etc…

Instead of vision boards, I use mind movies and I get super specific picturing my life, in the first person, having the experiences that I want. When I moved from the UK to Mexico, for example; all of the cars I drove in my mind movies had to switch from right to left-hand drive. Pedantic? You bet!! We have to be, if we are going to convince our subconscious and call in experiences from the metaphysical; we have to sweat the small stuff.

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“When I focus on the details, I quickly become bogged down and overwhelmed, almost as though I’m missing a piece. What am I, or people like me missing?”

Dr. Heather.

A very good point! 

When I say that we need to sweat the small stuff, I’m talking about the details of the end goal, NOT how we get there. In fact: I don’t want people to concern themselves with ‘how’ at all! Why? Because when we start to focus on the details of how something is going to come to us, we end up limiting what God/The Universe/The Devine Source can do.

So if we, for example, say: “I’m going to be a millionaire and I’m going to get there through real-estate deals” we have just cut off all other potential opportunities and tied ourselves to a single road. If there are any underlying traumas, anxieties or other mental blocks that we’re unaware of, we’ll quickly end up sabotaging ourselves. 

The detail is therefore all about the outcome. We have to surrender the journey and allow the magic to happen for us! 

We also need to be clear about what the physical items that we want to own, and the experiences that we want to have, represent for us emotionally. You don’t really desire the Mercedes or the mansion, you desire the emotional state that they will evoke in you. 

That’s it for today guys and gals. This blog is an excerpt from the full conversation that I had with Dr. Heather. If you’ve enjoyed this and want to know more, I highly encourage you to check out the full interview HERE

I hope this has clicked with you. If you enjoyed it, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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