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Why Above All Things Consistency Is Key

How the power of consistency can keep the cogs turning

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Consistency is key they say, but let’s get real! How can you show up every day to achieve the life of joy and abundance you truly wish to lead? Whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, and wherever you are on your journey, you can always make time for you. This may sound impossible right now, but the hard part is in choosing to take action in the first place! Give yourself permission to dedicate time to your endeavors; before long, 10 minutes will suddenly feel like a drop in the ocean.

Like with every learning journey, consistency is key – as are time and patience! If you want to see real results, then you’ve got to make space; this means separating yourself from your day, every day. Even if that’s just to rest and recuperate, it’s all positive steps towards the outcome you desire. We’d all love to meditate in the mountains for weeks on end! However, success and abundance are not things that will just happen to you. While you’ll undoubtedly experience lulls along the way, your success is in your hands. Consistency is key to helping you get there.

Pushing past resistance

‘How can I show up consistently when faced with resistance in my life’, you may ask yourself? As something we all face, it’s how we push past it that will determine what comes next. For me, resistance is a lack of flow of energy in a specific direction. It’s when we’re met with obstacles that are indicative of that lack of flow in our physical reality. So, how do we move past it?

If we look at the layers of reality we experience before the physical kicks in, we have the following: our spirit or energy, our vibrational frequency, and our mindset and mental environment. When people meet resistance, it’s often as a result of brushing over these earlier pieces of the puzzle; these are the things that happen before our physical reality. Or it could be that they are taking an action that’s not aligned with where they’re at vibrationally. Cutting through resistance is about consciously creating that space of flow or ‘setting an intention’. It’s also about asking whether your belief systems support your dreams as a literal possibility; assessing whether your habits and behaviors line up with your beliefs can ensure you’re able create at this level.

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What does it mean to be spiritually persistent?                                                        

On the subject of consistency, an entrepreneur podcast host recently asked me what it means to be ‘spiritually persistent’. The truth is that the landscape we’re creating against sits in spirit, but because of the way reality works – that landscape can change at any point. This shifts according to our conscious physical experience; what we’re thinking, feeling and doing is informing where we are on that landscape. For me, being spiritually persistent is about maintaining that vibrational flow, and holding that place in spirit that aligns with where I’m moving towards. As an entrepreneur, that means holding onto that ideal from an expansive and love-filled place, and serving those who I’m called to serve at the very highest level. This goes for you too; at the end of the day, even if our calling is to serve others, we must at first serve ourselves in order to show up the very best version of ourselves we can be.

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Consistency is key (so just keep going)!

As we sail through life enjoying our many successes along the way, it would be very easy to call it a day! Yet by acknowledging and celebrating both our successes and failures – and having the courage to move on from that space – we are empowered to manifest that success yet again. If you want to hear more about living a life of joy and abundance, you can broaden your understanding right here. Whether that’s the diverse range of topics explored on my blog, or my bestselling range of books that have already helped so many – I hope these things can help you too! My regular podcast ‘Do It With Dan’ also features a whole host of teachers, coaches and healers ready to impart their wisdom, with some truly fascinating stories to tell. If you’re on social media, you’ll also find me on Facebook and Instagram – where you’ll be first to hear all of my latest updates! However you wish to invite consistency into your life, your success story starts today.

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