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Catch Your Waking Thoughts

Why is it so important to catch your thoughts first thing in the morning?

Hey dreamers, happy Monday! A quick word to you today about the importance of recognising your thoughts as you wake. Really listening to yourself in the morning is critical.

Why? Because they are what is going on in your beautiful mind before you’ve had any conscious involvement. The narrative that is playing over reveals so much about what is happening with your inner-patterns.

I’ve spoken often about our inputs to the mind and how they shape what we believe is possible. This is what forms the limitations of our creative power and it happens at a deep, subconscious level. 

I always say that your environment doesn’t lie. It is a direct product of your belief systems and where you’re at right now. Some people (quite a lot in fact) still get lost in this notion, because they are still attached to stories of victimhood and blame. 

“That’s because of who the President is”

“That’s because for what happened to me when I was five”

“That’s because my Mother wasn’t loving enough”

…and all that other bullsh&%t!!

These are narratives that you are creating in the belief that they will somehow make sense of your situation (and, let’s be honest; absolve you of any responsibility for it).

BUT: you can’t refute that still, small voice that you hear when you get into your day. 

So here’s what I want you to do: really pay attention to “what are the first thoughts that start, as soon as I open my eyes?”

I want you to really focus on the narrative that is already at play, as you step out into your day through theta, alpha, beta consciousness. What are the first thoughts that naturally come through?

I don’t want you to do this from a place of blame or shame. None of that! This is purely about playful observation. Don’t attach a value to any of it yet. 

Going forward; we can start to work on disrupting those patterns and making choices. For now, I just want to encourage you to observe your waking thoughts and (if you can) your dreams. Listen to them playfully and just bear witness. 

As patterns emerge, I am sure you will start to match things up with your environment and what is showing up for you. Play with it!

If you own your day, you own your life.

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