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How The Power Of Alignment Can Shape Your Future

Are your opportunities really out of reach?

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Shooting for the stars? There’s no better feeling than the realization of what you were put on this earth to do. Aligning with your goals, therefore, may not sound like something to prioritize. But by failing to do so, you could risk spinning off into the unknown (with no north star to guide you back)! So, how can you make alignment happen, and how can it truly help you move forward with intention – and in the right direction of the goals you consciously desire? In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the power of alignment and how it can shape your future.

Understanding your energy

To achieve alignment is to first understand that it must happen on a number of levels; if these various components of the bridge don’t line up, we can’t make it to the other side. It’s about acknowledging that we’ve all got bodies that move through time and space, but we’ve also all got minds. It is our minds that impact our choices and behaviors, and our emotional state that impacts our ability to think. By learning to manage our energy and how it shows up as our emotional state, we can start to explore how these elements might fit together to create the results we see within our experience. By skipping over the process of alignment, we are often neglecting that which is in front of us – simply because we’ve failed to draw a parallel.

The role of your emotional state

Cast your mind back to when you last felt your most joyful; what was your emotional state in that moment? Or how about when you felt your lowest. What was your emotional state then? Have you been able to enjoy positive upswing in your life when your emotional state was on a downswing? When it comes to thought quality, our ability to achieve or receive anything is dictated by our ability to conjure it and connect with it mentally. If you don’t believe that something is possible, the reticular activating system within your brain will shut you off from it entirely. Our beliefs about what we think is possible are predicated at an unconscious level. If you’re searching for the perfect relationship for example, ‘the one’ could be stood right in front of you; your reticular activating system, however, renders you physically incapable of seeing that your goal is within reach.

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How alignment can shape your ‘unworthy’ future

We all procrastinate from time to time. But more often than not, procrastination is due to a certain lack of belief, as opposed to pure laziness! If we find ourselves entering this space on a more regular basis, this can often lead to feelings of unworthiness in the long term. This crippling lack of belief coupled with anxiety is the perfect storm for holding you back from where you need to get to. By allowing this to cloud your path to alignment, you will always be settling for less. So, by choosing to align with your goals before you start on your journey, you are dreaming with your eyes open – paving the way for a purpose-filled, joyful and abundant life you know you can achieve.

How does it line up together?

What are you feeling, what are you thinking, and what are you doing? The journey to alignment always starts with these three questions. Ultimately, what you feel affects how you think; how you think dictates how you behave; how you behave determines how you experience your reality. Alignment invites you to ask: are these things lining up with what I want to create? If they’re not, chances are you will not achieve the things you wish. If they are however, the probability of you achieving those things is increased by a significant amount. The law of subconscious momentum says that unless a thought form is changed, it will continue the way it is; if your thought doesn’t change, your behavior won’t change – and neither will the end result. While something may come into your experience to offer you the possibility of change – be that a shock, a trauma or joy – without that event, your thoughts will remain the same. If you truly seek a different outcome, why leave it to chance?

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The time to align is now

If you’re ready to embrace alignment, then you’re ready to embrace your dreams. While (to some extent) this is a path you must take alone, help is available on the way! To further your understanding of alignment, you’ve come to the right place – whether perusing my blog further or tuning into my podcast ‘Do It With Dan’, at home or on the move. My bestselling books will also help broaden your knowledge of alignment, with other modalities also designed to help you live a purpose-filled, joyful, abundant existence – both now and in the future. So, what are you waiting for?

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