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What Money Really Says About Us

It’s just a way of keeping score

What Money Really Says About Us

I see a lot of confusion around what money really says about us these days. So I wanted to unpack this a bit more and speak to why I encourage people to seek financial freedom so much. Even if that’s not ultimately what they consciously desire.

Before that: welcome back to my blog! If it’s your first time, thank you so much for stopping by and checking out what I have to say. This, my podcast and my range of free resources are where I like to give away pearls of wisdom that can all contribute to the global uplift. 

I want to create a surge in collective energy and consciousness on a global scale. So that we can all start living more expansive, abundant and joyful lives. 

So what does money really say about us then?

Well really it’s just a way of keeping score. It’s a medium of exchange when all said and done. As I said in my previous blog – let’s take the emotional charge off money and see it for what it is: a medium of exchange, that facilitates more choice.

Building from that, something that came up in a recent guest spot that I did, over on The Wild Soul Podcast was that a lot of people come to me through my Money Game book and my Micro 2 Millions program. Both (as their names suggest) are about achieving financial abundance. 

The book is a popular money manifestation tool. It is about opening your mind up to receiving all of the abundance that the universe will give you. It’s designed to keep you in the mindset of abundance and out of lack.

You will understand just how much can be provided for you if you open your mind to it. 

What Money Really Says About Us

The Micro 2 Millions program is about showing you just how achievable big things are, when you break them down and consistently make small steps towards them. “The power of minimum deliverables” – if you will. Going from zero to one million by doubling your money progressively, is far fewer steps than you might think. 

In both cases though, they speak to much more than just money. As I often say: when we’re seeking success, in any area, we’re not really seeking a thing or an amount of money; we just want the emotional payoff associated with it. 

Digging deeper into what that emotional payoff is – why we want it and who we will be when we have it, is what it’s really all about. Are we seeking said emotional payoff for ego-driven reasons? Do we want to show our parents that they were wrong/right about us?

What are we trying to prove and who are we trying to prove it to?!!

Getting to the heart of ‘why’ we want something, and whether or not it’s really an expansive thing to aim for, is vital. Either you’ll realise the folly of striving for something that doesn’t serve you, or anybody else – or you’ll be galvanised by your ‘why’. 

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What money really says about us (or what it should say about us) is simply: have we got there yet?

Whatever you want to manifest for yourself, whether it’s a better lifestyle, greater physical fitness, new shoes…whatever, it is all created the same way. The universe doesn’t know, or care, what it is you want. It will give it to you, so long as you are in alignment with receiving it. 

Money is simply a facilitator. It affords you options in life. If you’re seeking a new life, you’re really asking for more options. Now you might not need ‘more’ money to get there. It might simply be a case of you needing adequate passive income, so that you can free up your time in pursuit of whatever it is that you want. 

What money really says about us to others…is irrelevant (kinda)

Now I haven’t really specified yet who we’re talking about money speaking to in this whole business, have I? As you can probably surmise from what I’ve said thus far: it’s you!

If you’re chasing money, trinkets or the expression of wealth because of what it says about you to others…well that’s not entirely wrong-headed. Don’t get me wrong: demonstrating wealth out of a desire to ‘one-up’ someone else is simply meat-headed, pure ego, vacuous and actually speaks more to your focus on lack, than anything else. 

What Money Really Says About Us

If, however, you’re demonstrating your abundance through the perception of your financial wealth; in order that you can help or encourage others to do the same – you are coming from a place of expansion. It’s all about intention. So to completely write-off the concern of what money really says about us to others, isn’t warranted. 

That said – I do still want to encourage you to focus more on what money says about you, to you! What do you want it for? Who do you want to be with your new level of wealth? 

Once you can ascertain those things, you can start to step into being that person here and now. You don’t have to wait! You can start to be generous with what you have, whether it’s with your money, time or simply knowledge. Start sharing everything you are, with whoever you can out of a desire to serve and nothing more. 

In doing this: you are already expansive and giving. You will have proven to yourself and the universe, that you are a limitless being with SO much more to give. Nature abhors a vacuum and it will fill it, guaranteed, with everything you need to continue serving and expanding. 

A big thing for me is getting people out of a state of lack and stress around money. Way too many people exist, day-to-day, paycheck-to-paycheck in a state of stress around money. For them: money is so emotionally charged with negativity, they are simply held down as ‘wage-slaves’ unable to realise their potential and be who they’re meant to be! 

A huge motivation for me in offering my Free Resources page, as well as all of these free blogs and podcasts, is to get people out of a state of stress! I want the first port of call for people to be: ridding themselves of the monthly stress around how they’re going to pay the bills. Never mind being a millionaire or whatever.

For most folks; simply not having to worry about paying the rent/mortgage would make for a massive change in their lives for the positive. 

And think about it: if you didn’t have to worry about flogging yourself to death, simply to keep a roof over your head – how much more creative/expansive/generous with your time, could you be?!

I’d wager that, for the vast majority of people, the line in the sand that they really want to cross is just that: never having to worry about the basics ever again. Being able to afford yachts and caviar for dinner, probably isn’t that important to you. But even if it is, the first ‘trap’ you need to break free from is the stress around having enough. 

This is a clear example of what I mean though: what money really says about us is less important than what it says to us! Money is just a way of keeping score. It offers a demarkation for us, but that’s all. 

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There is a reason why we tend to gravitate towards the wealthy person who isn’t wearing their wealth on the outside, as opposed to the one flaunting it with flashy jewellery and gaudy clothes. The former isn’t speaking to us from a space of lack! The ‘small willy syndrome’ is a well-worn cliche at this point, but we all know what it means. That’s why we tend not to take those people very seriously when we come across them. 

As I say: demonstrating your wealth to others isn’t to be dismissed as worthless or vacuous outright, but it depends entirely on the intention. 

My favourite thing about the universe and our relationship to it is that, by changing how I show up; I can change the outcome for me in all areas of my life. Money is a really great way to change our lives for the positive, so long as we understand our intentions going in and do so with a giving heart. 

I hope that helps add clarity for you on what money really says about us. I appreciate though that I may have complicated things further with my ‘Dan-isms’ so if there is anything you’d like explaining further, please do drop me a comment down below and I’ll be happy to respond with more. 

Until next time…

Thank you so much for reading this blog, from the bottom of my heart! If you enjoyed this, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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