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This week’s question is an absolute beaut! So let’s get to it…

Why can’t I get motivated to do the things I should be doing?

Amelia Holman –

So this is a big one and it comes down to a couple of things. 

First and foremost, at a deep level: we always get what we want!

Some people don’t like that because of all of the things in their life that they consciously avoid and do not desire. 

I’m not talking about that though, I’m saying that the unconscious mind does not lose. Our subconscious processes information at a speed that our conscious mind can not even come close to. 

They are two completely different classes of processing power!

That’s not to say that we can not consciously speak to and reprogram our subconscious mind. We just have to speak to it in the language that it understands. 

Why am I talking about this? Because if you’re not motivated to do something, and you find yourself procrastinating; it means at an unconscious level you just don’t bloody want to do it! 

If you did want to do it at an unconscious level: it would be done already!

You are procrastinating because of the disconnect between your conscious and subconscious desires!

We need to communicate with the subconscious in a way that it understands in many ways, but the best place to start is by focusing on the true payoff of the experience! 

If you are not doing something, in spite of consciously desiring to do it, the preprogrammed payoff is probably heightened stress (which in physiological terms means higher levels of cortisol in your system) and a whole range of negative, associated beliefs. The answer to this involves creating, in micro-shifts, a new relationship to the outcome that you are choosing. 

So if you find yourself repeating patterns that keep you in a place of stress, reenforcing a subconscious relationship of negativity towards your intended outcome: you have to find a way to connect emotionally to the outcome that you want and use that association as leverage over your subconscious to get things done! 

If, for example, you’re the kind of person who actually quite likes telling your friends the story of why you just can’t find the time for a good relationship (“There are just no good men/women out there” etc…). The narrative of your dating trials and tribulations become an un-motivating force for you to get out there and chance the situation. 

Is it that, deep down; you’re more motivated by absolving yourself of responsibility? 

Then you need to change your emotional association with responsibility. 

Stay connected to the incredible emotional payoff of owning the outcome, and use it as leverage against your subconscious in the now!

So…how can you be motivated to do the things that you should right now? First of all, remove the “should” and make it “desire” by amplifying the positive emotion of the payoff, until it overcomes the subconscious. Do that and you will have all of the leverage you need to get it done, feel great and be productive. 

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