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Change The Way You See Money This New Year

Resetting your right to financial abundance

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What’s your relationship with money? Whether you have a little or a lot, everyone’s answer will be different. Throw in a global shake-up like the pandemic, and that feeling may have grown bigger still – or vanished altogether. In some way or another, everyone’s perception of money will have altered in recent years (whether consciously or unconsciously). With a focus on the preservation of health and always keeping well, the idea of ‘wealth’ almost seems trivial; while many things of course have their price tag, others simply do not. Yet money, when manifested and managed the right way, can help you live abundantly. Change the way you see money in 2022, and you’ll find you’re making it for just the right reasons.

See money as a tool

It really is that simple. Think about the thing that makes you most happy. I’m not talking riches beyond your wildest dreams! Most likely, it will involve the people that you love, and ultimately, their happiness. So where does money come into it? Perhaps it’s the trip of a lifetime with a friend, putting your kids through college, or growing your inheritance for your grandchildren. Whatever it may be, money can be used as a tool to effect that positive change within your reality. Without it, we can of course make a difference. Yet change the way you see money, and you’ll soon realize it can be used as a force for good. Believe it or not, money is not the root of all evil (only the certain individuals behind it)!

Ask yourself: ‘How much do I really need’?

During my time as a coach, I’ve helped individuals from all manner of backgrounds go on to live joyful, abundant, purpose-driven lives. Most of the time, this involves manifesting money. So, the question I ask them is this: how much do you need to achieve what you want to achieve? We all get caught up in the fantasy of “being rich”, but it’s meaningless if not used as a tool to get what we want. You may want to buy a house, start a business, or even invest in your own self-care – both physically and mentally. Whatever you wish to accomplish, having a clear goal can help you establish exactly how much money you need. This may sound obvious, but what was once the “unattainable” will suddenly seem much closer, and well within reach. Believe it or not – with a clear goal in mind – you’re also likely to achieve these outcomes a lot faster!

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Change the way you see money, one step at a time…

So, you’ve figured out why you want to make money, but what about the how? Success isn’t possible overnight, but it is possible to make progress each and every day towards that end goal! This is where baby steps come in, or what I also like to call: microshifting. We are all capable of one minimal deliverable every day, and that’s essentially what microshifting is. Taking consistent steps towards a consciously chosen outcome, no matter how small, will mean that you eventually get to where you need to go. There’s “magic in the microshift” because you are taking action. Without action, there can be no change; microshifting gives that dream, that idea, that goal the momentum it needs to become a reality. By holding ourselves accountable, we can also start to manifest from a place of truth – the only place from which to truly expand.

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We are all worthy of financial abundance

Even through times of hardship and distraction, it’s important to remember that we are still worthy of financial abundance – arguably now more so than ever before! So, if you want to make one change for yourself and others in the new year, change the way you see money.

For more inspiration on inviting abundance into your reality, my blog is jam-packed with inspiration and advice for further reading. If you haven’t done so already, you can also check out my weekly podcast ‘Do It With Dan’, where I host special guest coaches and healers from all around the globe – updated once a week! If social is your space, why not head to Instagram and Facebook for my free live events?  However you wish to further your learning, I hope you’ll leave feeling inspired to make a change, while moving a little closer to living a joyful, abundant, purpose-driven life!

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