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Taking Action Is The Only Path To Abundance

Without action, there can be no success story

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Do you find yourself stuck in a rut time and time again? It may be that you’ve yearned for one specific outcome for weeks, months or even years. You’ve dreamt up that beautiful roadmap and you’ve practiced meditating (as and when you have the time). So why is it that you can never move closer to your goal? The truth is that taking action is the only path to abundance. I’d love to sit here and tell you that meditation alone is enough to get you there! While this forms an integral part of the process, taking action is the only way we can experience progress within our reality.

If you’re not ready, it’s for a reason!

And that’s okay! It may be due to unexpected bumps in the road or other commitments that you are not ready to take that leap of faith. It’s daunting and of course, comes with its risks! Or, it may be that you’re not willing to take action because deep down, that outcome is not going to make your heart sing. More often than not, the mere thought of making that first move is enough to stop you from making it at all. While it’s important we reflect and meditate on our decisions, this approach can also threaten to hinder our progress. As a result of our not taking action, then follow the feelings of doubt, guilt, shame – and so the vicious cycle goes on. Instead, it’s about recognizing that we are not faultless robots! We are all human, and humans make mistakes in order to learn, grow and expand.

Only those who take action have the power to manifest

I believe that we are all worthy of abundance, and a life that is joyful and purpose-driven. Without action however, we cannot invite these experiences into our world. From a distance, this may feel like an overwhelming commitment. Break it down into baby steps however, and your dreams are closer than you think. I’ve seen people from all walks of life own their decision to take action. The result? A manifestation of success in a matter of months – all of their own making! Taking action that embodies and therefore facilitates that which we’ve been praying for is the only way to draw that outcome closer to us. By not putting our hands out to receive it, those dreams will only fall to the ground.

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Re-channelling our energy through uncertain times

Whatever you’re looking to manifest – whether that be wealth, good health or happy relationships – these things are all made up of energy. And if your energy is off, you cannot be aligned with that goal! With the fear, anxiety and doubt that continues to overshadow our reality, our emotional state is compromised and thus our vibration thrown off course. So, how can we escape this largely inescapable climate we find ourselves in right now? Practices such as meditation can indeed facilitate that realignment so that we may begin to ‘make our move’ from a place of expansion – versus making a move from a place of contraction!

Would you take action if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What if I told you that you can never fail? The actions that we make and the choices that we take which result in our reality also come down to our quality of thought; the majority of this happens at an unconscious level. On the days we feel like we’ve failed, the reality is that the success which we’ve achieved has been against an idea at an unconscious level that we don’t always consciously desire. We may not desire to be in lack, but if the program we’re running on unconsciously is lack – this will always win. Therefore, developing a relationship with our unconscious mind where we can start to communicate our choices and ideas is imperative to our altering our course.

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Action is the only path to abundance – will you take it?

Are you showing up every day in alignment with your belief on how to manifest the abundance you desire? Have you learnt enough about yourself in order make those choices, and take action from a place of truth? Can you communicate with your mind so it can start working with what you consciously desire? All of these can help you take the actions that will lead to a life of abundance. So, what are the next steps? By opening ourselves up to support, we can only expand further – so you’ve come to the right place! When it comes to taking physical action, my bestselling work Stepping Beyond Intention explores the modality that is my Beyond Intention Paradigm, using gratitude as one of the many tools to achieve our success – and hold onto it! For more inspiration, tune into my ‘Do It With Dan’ podcast, or why not catch me face to face for one of my live events? Embrace that learning to expand on your journey, and abundance will surely follow!

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