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I wanted to share with you some recent podcast episodes that I’ve guested on. 

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I wanted to share with you some recent podcast episodes that I’ve guested on. 

As you all know, I have my very own Do it With Dan podcast with new episodes and exciting guests every Friday!

I’ve also had the pleasure and privilege of guesting on a number of podcasts recently, four of which I would like to highlight for you here. 

First up: The Growth Zone with Christian Bartsch. 

I wrote a blog inspired by the conversation that Christian and I had on whether or not you can be successful without setting clear intentions.

We shared some really great ‘nuggets’ on that, business and entrepreneurship that I think you’ll find interesting.  

The Growth Zone Podcast
Click on the image to listen to the episode!

Second it’s the brilliantly and succinctly titled Shakras and Sh*t podcast, with Brent Raymon.

A playful look at spirituality broadcast weekly and hosted by the Playful Paladin. They cover a wide range of topics such as Healing, Meditation, Energy, Plant Medicine, Surrender, the Divine, beyond the 4th Dimension and more!

This is really great because I think we can be accused, those of us in the spiritual world, of being a bit overly too serious about the spiritual world. 

Shakras and shit podcast
Click on the image to listen to the episode!

Up next we’ve got the Business Mastermind Podcast hosted by Gavin Preston. 

As before, I wrote a blog article based on part of the conversation that Gavin and I had:

We delve into the internal work needed, in order to grow a business from scratch to the point that you can sell it and live off the proceeds. Gavin is really switched on with his line of enquiry and style of podcasting. He really does offer a fantastically unique approach. 

Click on the image to listen to the episode!

Lastly but most definitely not least, it’s the wonderful Victoria Gallagher and her The Power of Your Mind podcast. 

We covered a lot of ground including:

  • What “alignment” means and what we are aligning to. 
  • Whether we can become successful without setting intentions. 
  • Why I teach people how to manifest money. 
  • How I can honestly say that “we always have a choice” about things that we can’t control.
  •  My book “The Money Game” – What it’s about and how we can play it. 
  • What “microshifting” is and how it empowers people. 
Click on the image to listen to the episode!

So there we have it! Four great podcast episodes, from four great podcasters. I hope you enjoy them and find that listening to them offers you something expansive. 

Thank you so much for reading this blog, from the bottom of my heart! If you enjoyed it, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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