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Be Consistent, Even When Nobody is Watching!

Are you following through with your commitments, even when nobody is watching? 

Hold yourself accountable!!

Are you following through with your commitments, even when nobody is watching? 

Hi guys, Dan Mangena back again for another (hopefully) insightful and eye-opening blog for you! Remember these come out four times a week, so be sure to check back regularly. 

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Ok, so: accountability when you’re alone then!

Yogi Bahjan

A story first (to set the scene). About thirty years or so ago, Yogi Bahjan brought Kundalini Yoga to the west. He held a service every morning at a temple in London. He would teach, share wisdom and sing hymns with his singers. The thing is:

There weren’t always people there!

He was giving these services at something like 5:00 or 6:00am so it was very early, and quite often people just wouldn’t show up. Even though the room was sometimes empty, Yogi Bahjan still told his singers to sing as if there were people there. Every time he spoke, he spoke as though he was speaking to a room full of people. 

He maintained his consistency and authenticity in this regard, regardless of the size of his congregation. 

Now I appreciate that, in light of recent allegations that have been made against Yogi Bahjan; his moral integrity behind closed doors, throughout his life, may be questionable. Nevertheless, in his commitment to his teachings: he was consistent!

So often in our lives, we have things that we don’t do because nobody is watching or keeping score. We stop following through with the tasks, actions and exercises that we know we need to complete, if we are to reach a goal. 

The thing is guys, these programs, be they self-improvement, fitness, financial or whatever… will only work if you show up with integrity. It is the small steps taken towards a goal consistently, that will get you there in the end. 

Put another way: you have to maintain the momentum towards success, if you are to succeed!

Now you might, might, happen upon success by accident. You could be in the right place at the right time, meet the right person and be offered the perfect opportunity that renders all hard work null and void forever. 

OK, but is that really success? What is success without integrity? Did you really succeed at anything, other than being lucky?

The results from your hard work are a reflection of you and how you show up! Believe me when I say: the energy of showing up consistently and with integrity, even when nobody is there to monitor you and hold you to account, will be transformative in terms of what shows up for you in your life. 

Be consistent guys!! There really is a magic in following through with what you start and maintaining that consistency for nobody’s benefit, but your own! 

There is a dance happening between you and the universe when you do that, and the results in your life will be spectacular, I promise. 

That’s all I have for you, for today. Please leave me a comment below if you found this useful or if you’ve seen great things show up for you, simply by holding your integrity and being consistent. 

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