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How to Manifest What We Want

For just $999.99 a month, you too can learn to manifest $1,000,000 from your couch!” -Sound familiar?

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Welcome back to my blog everyone. The last one before Christmas 2020, no less! This is going to be a fairly fundamental one and really speak to the heart of what, I know a lot of you come here for: how to manifest what we want. 

Now this could be seen as a slightly misleading title….but actually it’s not. A lot of people would see that and think it means: “learn how to manifest.” Much in the stye of those dime-a-dozen courses you see plastered all over Instagram and YouTube ads. 

I’m not here to knock those guys necessarily, but what a lot of them seem to miss (or in some cases: obfuscate) is that we are all manifesting, all the time!

You’re manifesting things constantly. You’re just so good at it that you don’t even notice!

It’s not that you need to learn how to manifest anything, it’s that you need to first learn mastery of your manifesting power and then choose exactly what it is you want to manifest!

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The second part of that is something I see tripping people up all over the place: we can’t learn how to manifest what we want…if we don’t flipping know what we want!

It’s no good saying: “I just want more money” the universe can’t work with that. Or at least: it can, but it’ll be an extra $1 in next year’s pay packet. 

There you go: more money!

It’ll come in a form that is not the kind of abundance that you probably meant. So get clear!

If you want $1,000,000 a year in income great! Set that as your goal and be specific. Don’t settle and don’t get vague!

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You also need your “why”. What is the payoff that you’re really seeking from such an income? I’m not talking material goods, I’m talking emotional. What are you going to feel once you start earning $1M a year?

Now I don’t want to get too bogged down in this, because it’s a topic I’ve talked about at length before in other blogs, and it would make this one far too long. Suffice it to say that: identifying the emotional payoff enables us to begin practicing that state internally, in readiness for its arrival and to get our subconscious used to the idea. This way, it won’t fight us on our journey and will actually start helping us!

Once we have all that down; the work starts. 

I think this is another piece that people lose sight of: action and work are two different things!

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There is always going to be work that isn’t necessarily ‘action’. In order for you to be aligned with the outcome of something coming to you without taking action (manifesting), you need to break your connection with reality as it is now. That takes work!

Think about it: you’ve probably (in fact: definitely if you’re seeking an answer to this) spent your life in the belief that, in order to have more – you have to work more. 

That level of deeply engrained programming isn’t going to go away over night. It takes work. So much so that, for a lot of people; it’s really not worth bothering with. They might as well continue to keep working as hard as they can. 

If we want to learn how to manifest what we want (i.e. have it just come to us without taking action) then we must put in the work, to break our ties with our current understanding of reality. 

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See this is what a lot of the programs I see bandied about seem to miss! They call it “manifesting” but in pretty much all instances of their use of that word, it might as well say “earn”. 

They’ll either try and rope you into some kind of scheme that you have to pay into upfront, or have you so bogged down in meditations and mood boards; that you’ll just be stuck in a ‘perpetual planning loop’. 

In any case: they’re getting you to focus on your external environment and populate it with a bunch of BS that has nothing to do with actually manifesting what we want. Most of it just serves as a reminder that we don’t have what we want.

You have to work on you!!

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Think about it: even if you’re still young, you could be eight years old: that’s still eight years you’ve spent, forming an understanding of how the world works. I know that most of you (sorry) are much older than that! I’m 37. That’s nearly four decades of learning, you think a one week $999.99 youtube course is going to undo all of that?!!

This is about changing your life, literally! 

Think of it more like altering a compass heading: the more time you spend, having made the conscious decision to identify what you want and go for it, the further away from who you are now you will get. 

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This doesn’t mean that you can’t shift who you are right now! As I often say: change doesn’t take time. You can change your mind in an instant. It’s how that then plays out and what it delivers back to you, that takes time. 

To come back to practicing emotional payoff for a second: that’s part of the work that you need to start introducing to your life now. This is what sets you up as an abundant person.

It creates an energetic vacuum (for lack of a better phrase…actually that one’s pretty good) that the universe has to fill!

The work comes in the form of the above, and also practicing faith in it showing up for us. Remember that we’re talking about manifesting here, not learning how to work harder (or even smarter really).

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Now: there is (of course) far more to learning how to manifest what we want than this. It’s a lifetime’s worth of programming that we need to correct and even this blog ain’t gonna cut it (despite my best efforts)!

If you would like some free guidance and practical tools that you can use to make that compass correction, and start sailing towards your dream life: please check out my FREE RESOURCES page. There’s lots there to get you started and for some of you, those may be all you need! So check them out. 

Did I mention that they’re free? Cause….they’re free. 

We also offer loads more resources and information here in the blog, over on my YouTube channel, my Podcast and my books:Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well.

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