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Move Beyond Intention With 4 Steps to Make Change Happen

Learn to create real, lasting change

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Are you struggling to make change happen? Or are you so disillusioned that you find your dreams dissolving due to lack of motivation? Regardless of how the current climate may have altered your course, you are not alone. Even through the most desperate of times, the path you find before yourself is never set in stone; you still have the power to re-write your story! But where to even start? That thought alone can often prove the most overwhelming of them all. Armed with my 4 steps to make change happen however, and the possibilities are endless.

Embracing the bad on the journey to good

In this blog, I’ll share how my Beyond Intention Paradigm can help you on your journey. With 4 simple steps, you can make change happen – with proven results! But what is ‘Beyond Intention’, where did it come from, and why does that part even matter? It’s true we mustn’t let the past rule over us. Yet despite the negative picture we often paint of the past, it’s the culmination of our ‘past’ actions that have led us here today. Irrespective of whether we enjoyed the journey or not, we can make something good from every experience.

Thanks to my hitting rock bottom, I was able to channel my whole self into the creation of Beyond Intention. In actual fact, this is what (accidentally) brought me back from the brink! I made it my mission to establish how to manifest an outcome with true staying power. Yet in doing so, I myself chose to stay around (despite my inner drive to end it all). If it hadn’t been for those life-shattering experiences, the Beyond Intention Paradigm would not have come to fruition.

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What is Beyond Intention, and how can it help me?

In a nutshell, the Beyond Intention Paradigm is about making the progress we want to see in our lives. This means progress, minus the set-backs! It’s about pushing past the invisible barriers we create for ourselves, in order to live the abundant, joyful and purpose-driven lives we all wish to lead. Formed of four definitive steps: Accept, Clear, Gratitude and Listen, I highlight the key components below on the 4 steps you can take to make change happen.

  • Step 1 – Accept: The first (and arguably most crucial) step is about your mindset and approach. In other words, step one is the act of accepting responsibility for your actions. It’s about acknowledging the fact that you are the author of your own narrative, and that everything that has happened up until this point is as a result of your choices – whether conscious or unconscious. Accepting that everything happens as a result of our choices will only help you make those future life-shaping decisions from a place of truth.
  • Step 2 – Clear: Following on from the idea of truth, step two is about acknowledging the fact that you can’t make honest choices from a place that isn’t real. Are you being true to yourself at this very moment? Is the destination you’re heading towards what your heart truly desires? Are you consumed by the shame, guilt or regrets of your past (or even over excitement when it comes to our future)? If any of that resonates, then you are not present enough to make the choices powerful enough to create change.
  • Step 3 – Gratitude: The third step of ‘Gratitude’ is about recognizing that, ultimately, everything we experience is as a result of expectation. And the most powerful embodiment of positive expectation is the act of gratitude. While previously you may have worked towards feeling a sense of gratitude at the end of your journey, this step invites you to reverse it. Feeling grateful for something in advance can in fact be a catalyst for change, before you’ve reached your end destination. Whether that’s physiological changes in the body, or the emotional shift within your energy field. The mental shift that takes place is then more likely to facilitate what you want.
  • Step 4 – Listen: We are all human, which means nobody is switched on all of the time! Pulling back from the idea of perfectionism and respecting the fact that you will slip up from time to time will enable progress, not hinder it. Pay attention to where you’re at, and tune into yourself by regularly asking: am I still on track? If the answer is yes, then you can celebrate that. But if you’re not on track, always pull yourself back with grace, self-love and compassion. Banish any blame or guilt. Admit you were procrastinating, or just having a bad day! Only then you can cause correct and get back on course.
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Ready to make a change?

If you want to learn more about my Beyond Intention Paradigm, my book ‘Stepping Beyond Intention’ delves deeper into the four steps above. This can help you move past resistance to make real change in your life. Having already helped fellow dreamers follow their calling, I’m confident it will help you make the change you need to see in your life! If you love to read, you’ll find more of my bestselling titles this way. Or if podcasts are your thing, tune into ‘Do It With Dan’ when you can!

For more guidance on how to change your internal programming, to attract greater abundance and experience greater freedom, please click on the link below for free access to my:

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