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The Power of Ingratitude!!

Hello Dreamers!!

I hope you’re all living an abundant, joyful experience and always dreaming with your eyes open. 

Today I wanted to talk about something that I’ve been playing with a lot recently, which is: the power of ingratitude. 

Yup: “Ingratitude”

Why? Well when we are ungrateful for something, we’re saying that we really didn’t want the experience, and that being the case: why would we seek more that experience? 

Energetically, what we subsequently put out into the universe through our emotional response is: “no more of that, thank you” and so less of it will show up.  

Now, the flip side to this of course, is that we need to get really clear on what we are ungrateful for! How often do we see in others, or recognise in ourselves, ungratefulness for the abundance around us on a daily basis? Well, why tell the universe that?!


If you want more of something, be grateful for it!!

Going deeper with this; the other thing that we can do is use the application of gratitude to hone in on the aspects of an experience or situation that, on the face of it; we don’t want more of, to extract the positive. There are positives in pretty much every experience, cliché though it may be. 

Where we focus is where we place our energy, and we give life to the things we place our energy on. 

So, the next time you find yourself in a negative situation or recalling an experience that you didn’t enjoy, try to really zero in on the one or two things that you took away from it that you can be grateful for. 

By way of an example: I was once stuck at Oslo airport, on what I thought was to be a three hour layover. I had a tight turn around at the other end in NY, where basically I was going to  have to head straight into a group teaching session…and then they announced a five hour delay. 


I realise, in hindsight, that I had called that experience in to my reality days earlier, when my amazing friend Jess had been talking about flight delays and I said: “I hate long delays, God I hope I don’t get one!” What was my mistake? Where did I put my focus? Yep.

Looking back, I now choose to place my attention on the positives of that story. The flight was delayed because of an engine fault that they found on the ground and not in the air, so that’s point of gratitude number one! 

Secondly, it has made me realise and take ownership of the situation, which means that I have it within my power to change moving forward. 

Lastly of course; it has provided me with a great anecdote, with which to illustrate my point to all of you lovely folks!! 

This is the point guys: 

  • Ingratitude, works powerfully to disrupt any movement forward to an outcome that we don’t want. 
  • Gratitude, does completely the opposite. It calls in more of that experience that we do want. It zeroes in our focus and it means that the thoughts that are seeding the reality that we create, are positive in their frequency. 


Gratitude is a powerful and positive state, with a coherent frequency that has the power to consume incoherent frequencies (sadness, disappointment etc…)

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