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Why you should choose to live from the heart (not just your head)

Life isn’t experienced in the thinking of, it’s in the being of that counts

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Nowadays, we spend a lot of time in our heads. Our thoughts race at a million miles per hour as the world contracts and expands before us. Whether faced with feelings of fear, elation, anger or calm, these continue to heighten our reality as we function from our bubbles of safety. Much of this is likely down to isolation; whether that’s a lack of physical contact with our colleagues due to home working, or choosing not to mix with loved ones so as to help shield them. Whatever the circumstance, we have all experienced periods of loneliness at some point. Yet for us humans, that feeling of purpose and belonging has to come from somewhere. ‘Live from the heart (and not just your head)’ suddenly seems an impossible task when there’s nowhere else to go!

We are programmed to be results-driven

Does the above resonate with you? It’s likely you are a results-driven person, or at least have become one! If the pandemic has done one thing, it’s made us work – and work hard. If we can’t seek fulfilment from human relationships, we have to channel that energy elsewhere. As a result, we may choose to throw ourselves into our study, our training or our work. We become more results-driven than usual, fixated on getting the top grades or beating our personal best. In the same breath, we are bombarded by information and sometimes harmful opinions of what it means to live a ‘successful’ life. However, it’s for this very reason that we’re missing out on the one thing we were put on this earth to do: live and love our lives.

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The mind is a terminator

You may be a ‘live to work’ person, and that’s of course fine. It’s likely you’ll have already experienced your own version of success somewhere down the line. You’ll understand what it means to get the job done, no matter what it takes. Yet without returning to the heart, we cannot hope to be more about the experience – as opposed to just the ‘doing’ part. The mind is a terminator, and if we let it, the mission to get that task done supersedes even our most conscious desires. To live from the heart is to live in the now – without worrying about hitting the next target. By making ourselves part of the experience, we can also learn to grow from it.

Live from the heart (you never know what you might find)

Whether you listen to your heart or your head, they both have a place within our reality. There’s a time to be strategic about things, but there’s also a time to tap into those raw emotions. While being present and taking action can help us drive the results we wish to see, feeling the context of these experiences makes it all the more joyful – versus overthinking all the details! It’s about taking those precious moments in and allowing them to resonate. When we stay in our heads we are losing out on those experiences, how we feel them in our hearts, and how we feel them within our physical bodies.

Embracing abundance from within

In my early days as an entrepreneur, my mission was simple: make financial success and learn to grow it. I showed up every day to make that success a reality. Yet when I lost my two biggest fortunes as quickly as I won them, I realized something. On my quest for success, I chose to command reality, as opposed to dance with it! That’s the reason I couldn’t always make that success hang around. The frequency that we’re operating on (which is directly linked to our emotional state) dictates what we can hold. If we are not fully present within these experiences, we cannot hope to achieve abundance in our lives.

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An abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life is only possible if we choose to live from the heart and be present for the journey. While success is important, we must not lose sight of the gift that is everyday life before us.

So, will you choose to live from the heart? By doing so, not only can you hope to unlock abundance, but you’ll also find a new world of joy within your success! Whatever your end destination, you’ll find lots of content here to keep you motivated. Whether you explore my blog further, check out my bestselling titles, or catch me on my weekly podcast, you’re sure to find some inspiring stories. Social media fan? Then why not join me for one of my live events? It’s never too late to live from the heart, and dream with your eyes wide open!

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