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“Just be f&^%!ng vulnerable”

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Just had a very emotional “Freedom Activation” session with my beloved friend Simon Harris.
There were a lot of key take aways from the session (look out for the podcast episode with Simon coming soon) – the header to this post being one.
But beyond the reframes in my outlook on a particular area of my life that we addressed this morning, there was a glaring piece that hit me as we sign off the call a few minutes ago…


As always, I speak to me before anyone else, and this was very much a self reflection today, but the question still arises none the less.
Just how many of us are so tied up “being” this for others, that we aren’t taking the time out to:
  • Be coached and led ourselves
  • Take the time and put in the WORK (yes, I said the dirty word) to heal our self
  • Recognise that regardless of what dimension, planet or spaceship we originated at, we are here on planet earth in the 3rd dimension right now
  • Are holding a light of self love and compassion in our own hearts that shines inwards
I loved sharing the space with Simon today, not just because of the integrity I know him to have as someone who does do all of these things, but because of the standard it continues to hold me to also.
Don’t get me wrong, I do a lot of self work, A LOT (last count was around about $500,000 on coaching, mentoring and personal development and I intend to spend a whole lot more), however maintaining the momentum of that demands that I hold myself to that standard, and having friends like this beautiful soul support that in every way.
Today I started my day with prayer and meditation, had my session with Simon, am about to jump on a daily meditation circle I am a part of (check out www.globalharmonisation.com), have a session with my book coach for my upcoming book launch and a session with my personal coach Dana and this past weekend I spent at a workshop.
I put this level of work in every day, and will continue to do so. Some may not want to read this but if you are not growing then you are dying, and from that perspective, the  work doesn’t stop. It mustn’t stop. I will continue to grow and expand, continue to push into new territory.
There is in some quarters the misconception that there is some level that we can reach here on this plane of existence where everything turns into fairy dust and rainbows. The ancients for millennia have been proven right in their teaching that it is in fact our letting go of this desire that creates the rainbow and fairy dust.
photo of a woman wearing unicorn headband looking at flowers
Photo by Bhargava Marripati on Pexels.com
Our expectation of this, coupled with the desire to attain this state without making the changes in ourself that align us with that way of being are what create the suffering. Perpetuating the false starts and running into brick walls that result from our commitment to this road (that is counter to universal law) only serve to block us from the joy that is ours by divine right.
Being any of the items listed above does not negate the work; in fact it makes it all the more necessary. In the last nearly 20 years, I have found that working on myself is the only thing that creates a “me” that empowers me to show up the way I am able to for the beings that I serve.
I do not shirk at the idea of the work, I revel in it, rejoicing in the opportunity to continue to grow and expand more fully into the beauty and wonder of this adventure that we call life. Are they bumps in the road sometimes? yes. Do I get stuck sometimes? yes. Do I seek support and invest in the work? yes.
I have challenges that I continue to work with and expand through, I am human – we all are – and that is ok. The key is to KEEP moving and stick with the work.
My offer to you this morning (afternoon or evening depending on the time of receipt and reading) is  to ask yourself what your relationship to your own journey and the work that facilitates that happening in an expansive way? Do you look for the easy road? Are you committed to and following through on making shifts in your life every day?

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