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Why I Don’t Save For a Rainy Day & Neither Should You!

I wanted to talk to you today about why I don’t save money, for a rainy day or anything really, and I don’t prepare for “the worst”.

It’s all about Reframing

You see I don’t save but I do invest. I’ve always got a pot of money that is growing somewhere. I have long-term investments in real estate, agriculture, commercial buildings, the list goes on… These are not for me to touch now and you might call them my “pension plan” but I don’t!

My goal for these long-term investments is to ultimately help fund my Family’s foundation, working with disadvantaged children, helping them to also live abundant, joyful, purpose-driven lives. 

So I guess you could say that I do the act of saving, but the purpose behind it is very different. That shift of intention shifts the vibration and creates a very different frequency around what I am doing. 

You see…

If you prepare for a rainy day, you open yourself up to receive one!

If you cut the rainy day out of your vibration, out of your realm of possibility; then it can’t show up for you. 

Now, as I’ve discussed before plenty of times: the subconscious mind works infinitely faster than the conscious mind. So unless you have done the work and dug out all of your limiting beliefs around money, there’s the possibility that you will experience an event that will require a rainy day fund. 

Cool, but…

If you you approach this from a place of expansion, instead of focussing on the risk of lack, you can live in a space of abundance, confident that all of your needs are met.

Of course, this shows up in other parts of our lives as well. Having a fall back or a plan B, opens you up to the possibility of it happening, whatever “it” is. 

Now look: it’s still important to honour where we are right now. I’m not saying to throw caution to the wind. Being sensible is still very important, but again; we can still do that from a true place of expansion. 

Take action based on growth not to prepare for a space of lack in the future. 

This is something to ask yourself moving forward: “am I doing this from a space of growth or lack?” Switch your intentions up, find the positive and set your goals from a place of love/growth/expansion and you’re going to be alright. Even if adversity does show up. 

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