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Finding your flow with money

Are you frustrated that you lack the ability to achieve what your heart most desires?

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Are you frustrated that you lack the ability to achieve what your heart most desires? Know that you’re not alone, and like so many – it is these very feelings that ultimately move you further from the end goal you seek. Have you ever thought about it like this: the world that we’re currently experiencing is built on the continuous thoughts that we’re having (including those in your head right now)? As soon as we become more deliberate over these thoughts – and they become more abundant – the physical landscape before us morphs into something more plentiful. Thus the opportunities that follow, like finding your flow with money.

Finding your flow is, of course, easier said than done.

I’ve been working on mine since my teenage years, and thanks to my journey into consciousness – albeit an early one – I was able to harness my ability and make my first million by the age of twenty. Yet as I watched my fortune grow (and dwindle) over the years, it soon became less about the act of making money, and more about learning to handle the money that came my way. While always being aware of the key relationships between those moving parts.

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Remember: 90% of lottery winners go back to where they originally started within five years!

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true! There are people from all walks of life who have won the lottery and blown that cash in an instant – never mind finding your flow with money! Whether that’s down to an unhealthy relationship with the pennies, or the inexperience of handling such wealth; everyone’s reason is different.

Reflecting on my own personal journey, this all came down to where I was emotionally in those early stages. While I was able to train my brain on a mental level, my negative experiences of money from the past would often creep up on me (combined with my limited knowledge of handling this level of financial responsibility)! To reap the rewards of my success for the long haul, the answer became clear to me: I needed to establish and hold that vibration. (You can read more about good vibrations here.)

It’s a solo journey 

While we may have the support of others, we all have a unique path to tread. We must, however, be wary of the ‘cookie cutter’ approach, and the idea that following someone else is going to help us achieve our dreams. Everyone’s narrative and experiences are different, this is only an illusion – and we need to be mindful of that.

When it comes to finding your flow with money, it’s important we chart our own course. While ‘teaching’ people about how to handle money – whether in the school classroom or further down the road – is (for many) a step in the right direction, it is a complex relationship, One that can only be fully grasped through first-hand experience.

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Phase one – identify the ‘why’

While the ‘what’ may be the sexy part, it’s the ‘why’ that gives you the drive to get there; and this is where the first phase begins. Yes, it’s perfectly normal to want the house, the car, and the holidays – as an extension beyond the essentials (according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) – but the key is to ask yourself why.

From my experience as a life coach: clients entering a mid-life crisis have often admitted to spending 20 years or more shaping their lives according to someone else’s narrative. From graduating college to building the perfect home. Once having arrived at that destination however, the reality has not always been as it seemed. Often with explosive consequences as a result of that disconnect.

The same goes for finding your flow with money. While it’s tempting to go chasing the dollar bill, having an unspecified ‘why’ will only mean arriving at your destination feeling empty.

Ask yourself: what life do I want? How far am I willing to go?

Money then simply becomes a tool – allowing you to step into the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

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Phase two – align your thoughts

Every thought has the power to become something – so long as it has a home. This takes place for us, in our reality, because of vibration: something we first experience when in our emotional state. Once you know what you want, it’s a case of learning to recognise which emotions you cognitively connect to that experience.

It is then within your power to attract this into your world as an opportunity! By doing so, you can practise embodying those emotions and relieving yourself of any baggage that may drain you. The key is to focus your energy on becoming that emotional experience, and bringing your vision of success into being.  

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Phase three – follow the breadcrumbs 

We must now trust that having set things up on the inner world, that which appears on the outer world supports where we are, going forwards. The ‘Advantage Principle’ – a principle of a modality called Reality Transurfing – states that once we set things up, everything becomes advantageous. Even if we stray from the garden path. By ‘claiming’ this advantage we are brought back to that tendency of expansion.

There are an infinite number of ways that the wind can blow. Some of these benefit our current thought process, while others do not. Our relationship to that ‘wind’ (or driving force) all boils down to who we are and where we’re at. When we allow the claim to become the catalyst for choosing that emotional state, we can trust in the fact that we’re being blown in the right direction. 

Resisting the power of negative bias

Would you believe that 80% of the thoughts we have as humans are negative? With 68% of negative emotional words making up the English dictionary – our tendency to veer towards the negative is no surprise. You need only look at the collective agreements and belief systems of society today! There is a global collective agreement of fear right now. Even if you don’t watch the news, it continues to invade our daily lives, due to that shared frequency. When we house a collection of agreements towards negativity in our own minds, it has the power to expand and become the dominant frequency. We tend to lean towards that as a result.  

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So how can we stop it? Intention plays a huge part here, disrupting that unconscious pattern and our predisposition towards negativity and contraction. To do this, we must strive to be consciously present within what is happening unconsciously.

It’s not necessarily about fighting it, rather allowing the mind to re-program by choosing a different way. Remember, the unconscious mind has no opinion! It just works with the inputs it’s been given.

A time of transformation

If you already find yourself lost along this path, or doubt that these techniques could help you, then think of it this way: if you can’t ever look upon your true self (only what’s staring back at you as a reflection) – how can you ever truly know what the universe has planned for you?

The answer is: none of us can! Instead, by focusing our energy on what we can dictate, such as where we are with our thought quality and our vibrations, we can trust in the choice of where we are internally, which will always get us to the outcome. We must remain faithful to that. Things will fall away in order to make way for good again. Ultimately leading to a new chapter in the story. When things break down and refuse to go your way – they open themselves up to transformation. Moving forward, this promise of change should be celebrated for what it truly represents. 

Thank you for reading – and what an exciting journey you’ve chosen to embark on!

To keep the momentum going, why not check out my other blogs – or give my podcast a listen? However you like to learn, there’s something for everyone when finding your flow with money.  

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  1. Dianne J. Shaver

    Hi Dan,
    As always I appreciate your work. You did ask for feedback, so for me, there were a couple of things:
    1) I didn’t feel your heart in this as much as I do in your workshops, I did feel your intelligence.
    2) The section of thoughts – I missed what you have said about vibration and how it attracts our experiences.

    In closing, I can’t tell you how much your work is helping me just when I needed it (of course!). I also appreciate the work you have done on yourself to be able to bring what you do to the table to share with others.

    In gratitude,
    Dianne j. Shaver

    1. Daniel Mangena

      Thank you Dianne,

      I really appreciate you and your feedback! I will try to be more mindful in making sure that I get more of my heart into my writing. You’re right, this is very important.

      Vibration is really what the law of attraction talks about (without talking about it…if that makes sense?)
      Here’s a few blogs that speak to this:

      Is The Law of Attraction a Scam?
      Good Vibrations: How to embody Your Decisions
      Frustration is a Good Thing

      I hope those are of use to you. You can always reach out and I will do my best to serve you however I can.

      Love to you,


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