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Welcoming Abundance Into Your Life

It’s never too late to start anew

Welcoming Abundance
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Hello gorgeous people, and welcome to my latest blog. With the universe as abundant as ever, I wanted to take the chance to celebrate it! Folks often ask me to explain what I do in a nutshell, and the answer for me is simple. I’m here to help people live abundant, joyful, purpose-driven lives. After I first answered my calling, I found myself helping a lot of clients deal with mid-life crisis. You could say I’m an expert in helping to make that ‘fresh start’ a reality! From going through divorce to entering retirement, those experiencing problems tied to these events all had one thing in common. It soon became obvious that without that ‘underlying call’, people were not in a position to receive abundance due to running on someone else’s story. Acknowledging that fact is often the first step to welcoming abundance into your life.

The natural state of abundance

So, welcoming abundance into your life – where did this come from? Setting ‘purpose-driven’ and ‘joyful’ aside for now, let’s talk about this very important arm of my mission statement. When exploring the definition of abundance further, I like to think of the natural world. The universe is abundant, and so is nature. Just take a look outside your window! Have you ever stopped to ponder that nature always finds a way, whatever the universe throws at it? If there’s a crack in the road, nature will grow into it and expand. Ironically, the only time this regresses is when humans get involved!

The natural world is enduring, beautiful and abundant, because that is the natural order of things. We are a part of that order and worthy of that same abundance. We just fail to see it sometimes! Nature always finds a way, and (if you let it) so does abundance.

Welcoming abundance into your life – what’s the secret?

If welcoming abundance into your life means living a more plentiful, fulfilling life – then surely I have to do more, right? Wrong! Some clients that I work with – many of whom are now millionaires – didn’t do more in order to welcome abundance. In fact, they did less! Hard work is of course an admirable trait. Without that internal driving force however, it means nothing. People often come to me having been stuck within the same thought processes for years – even decades. Leaving that space can prove a hard transition to make for this reason. It feels like starting again for many, which as you get older and wiser, becomes undoubtedly harder! It’s about letting go of the stories and the narratives that hold us back from our true selves. By pulling away the layers, we can finally speak to the essence of who we are.

photo of woman taking notes Welcoming Abundance
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You are a living, breathing example of abundance

It sounds strange, but it’s true! By coming back to that clean and simple space, we can radiate abundance in its purest form. Welcoming abundance into your life is about realizing it’s already within you. Regardless of where you are on your journey, whatever your age or personal circumstance, it’s something we’re all capable of. As with nature, we are inherently abundant as humans. Once that begins to trickle through, we can then start to expand and grow from that place of truthfulness. We can consciously begin to enhance this embodiment of abundance and direct it so that we may experience it as we choose. Pretty neat huh? If you’re wondering how it feels to live a life of abundance however, you may want to read on.

How to know you’re welcoming abundance into your life

When it comes to welcoming abundance into your life, how do you know when this is happening? The answer is it’s different for everybody! As a certified instructor of a modality called Reality Transurfing, the founder Vadim Zeland argues that we all have the ‘creator spark’ within us. When asked a similar question, he simply answers: “I can’t tell you what it is, you’re just going to know.” I can’t describe being powerful, for example. I can’t describe being in love. I can however give you some of the classic symptoms! It’s just something you have to feel and experience for yourself. If you have to question whether you’re welcoming abundance into your life, chances are you’re not quite there yet. In this case, feeling is well and truly believing.

We’re more than just skin and bones

I often get asked about meditation, and whether this can help with welcoming abundance into your life. Akin to nature, we are vehicles for abundance – but with one very big difference! We also wield the power of the human mind, and the mental experiences that go beyond the brain. With the right equipment, we can understand that state by measuring a person’s energy and chakra points. In closer proximity, we could also hope to tangibly feel and share in those experiences. Doing our prayers, practicing gratitude and believing we’re worthy of abundance is a step in the right direction. But meditation alone is not enough. While it is possible to ‘create’ in this way and have everything fall into our laps, it’s very easy to confuse possibility with probability.

man practicing meditation on sports mat Welcoming Abundance
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

I could go to the mountains like Yogananda

I could meditate for months, sure, but without taking conscious action, this is not going to change the outcome! So, what can I do differently? Moving beyond that meditative state, I can instead use this as a tool to get myself aligned every morning. I can work on my mindset – whether that’s through affirmations, visualization or writing down my goals. I can then move through my day by making choices from a place of accepting what I’ve set the momentum to receive. By taking the act of mindfulness or spirituality and applying that to the practice of understanding that our inner mind never loses, then there’s nothing I can set the intention for that I won’t receive! By showing up every day to take action, welcoming abundance into your life just got a whole lot easier.

Thanks for stopping by guys, it really means the world to me. If you’re seeking to live an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven existence, there’s a lot more where that came from! You’ll find more insightful snippets/pearls of wisdom here on my blog (go on, stick the kettle on)! Or for further reading, why not check out my bookshelf of bestselling titles designed to empower you on your journey. What’s more, my ‘Do It With Dan’ podcast provides a great alternative for learning on the move! As always, I wish you all the luck in the world on your path to greater abundance.

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