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When All Is Lost Let Hope Be Your Guide

Are you prepared to give that spark of hope a chance?

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Hello everyone, and a warm welcome to the blog. If you haven’t done so already, go make yourself your favorite drink! After discussing my own ‘struggle to success’ story in a previous post, I wanted to return to the subject of the very real crisis we face as a global society. (And no, I’m not talking about COVID-19!) As a result of the pandemic however, our mental health is hanging by a thread. As we find ourselves faced with a much-altered world, things can be hard to process. ‘Overwhelmed’ doesn’t come close sometimes, am I right? So, if you’re struggling to see light at the end of the tunnel, have no fear! I’m here to help you let hope be your guide. Read on, and you’ll soon realize that you hold more power than you think!

A world out of our control

Long before the pandemic began, I – like many others before me – faced my own mental health battle. While I enjoyed success from an early age (despite my struggles socially), that same success was quickly taken away. That feeling of things being out of control was bad enough then; now, this is exacerbated even more by the invisible enemy that is COVID-19. Questions like ‘what if I my family get sick?’, ‘what if I get sick?’, and ‘what if I can’t make money to support myself and others?’ become a constant noise in our ears. While some people may seemingly ‘deal’ with this everyday intrusion quite well, deep down may tell a different story. Feeling stressed and anxious about the everyday rat race is nothing new. It’s the way we acknowledge these feelings, and the choices that follow, that can help to ensure they don’t spiral further out of our control.

We see problems as more magnificent than they really are

So, when all seems lost, how can we let hope be our guide? The truth is, we give our problems far more airtime (and credit) than they’re due…

When was the last time you heard a problem being reported on the news? Or maybe a friend or family member confided in you over an issue. More pertinently, when did you last allow your own challenges to hold you back from your dreams? In addition, feelings of guilt or blame associated with past mistakes can further hinder the way forward. And don’t get me started on the fear or failure! More often than not, we allow these problems to define our sense of self. The constant bombardment of ‘how to live our lives perfectly’ (often courtesy of social media) can also leave us feeling even more disconnected. In the UK, the ‘stiff upper lip’ or ‘keep calm and carry on’ motto brushes these problems under the rug, sure. But what about facing these problems head on so that we may move forward in a positive way?

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Let hope be your guide by creating a space

In order to let hope be your guide, have you ever thought about reasoning with your struggles first – in order to set them aside? Just hear me out for a second!

While it’s easy to shout about our problems as we’ve just discussed, it’s just as easy to run away from them. As we often come to find out later, this approach doesn’t solve things! Back home in the UK, I once had the chance to volunteer for a charity called Samaritans. (You can also seek help from Samaritans here in the US.) Interestingly, the training we received wasn’t focused around prevention or persuading people not to carry out the unthinkable. Instead, it was about giving people space. It was about creating a safe container from which people were able to make conscious choices. It became about understanding where that choice came from. When dealing with such extremities of thought, this approach can be hard to comprehend! But what I’d like to suggest is this: when faced with times of darkness, there is always hope. So instead, will you choose to give that glimmer of hope a chance?

You are not alone

With COVID-19 forcing many of us into a state of isolation, it’s no wonder we dwell on our problems more than is natural. For this reason, they are often blown out of proportion. The good thing? You are not alone!

While some of these worries may not come to pass at all, those that do come to fruition are more easily dealt with than we once thought. Help is always near, whether it’s family, friends, a work colleague or seeking it via a professional. If we pause for a moment to make that space and interrogate the experience, we are no longer being unconsciously led. Without taking that breath, we risk sleepwalking into a state of mental disarray that could be undone through conscious choice. As humans, we always view the solution to a challenge as less potent than it actually is. But there is another way. It’s about realizing that while our conscious and unconscious minds remain disconnected, that level of perspective can always be altered. As opposed to projecting our own ideas around how things will pan out, it’s about giving hope a chance – and making our minds up later.

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Are you ready to change your life?

Thanks for taking the time to read, my friends. I really hope my teachings can be of some help to you. Why not explore my blog a little longer? Here, you’ll find lots more to keep your mind busy. Whether that’s how to call abundance into your life, or getting over the fear of failure. If podcasts are more your bag, you’ll find me over on ‘Do It With Dan’. Be sure to check in regularly, where you’ll find me speaking to a whole host of incredible guests. If you’d like to explore my strategies further, my bestselling titles can be found right here. I’m also guest author of ‘Power Proximity’ (out now)! However you choose to make a change, your story starts here. I’m with you all the way!

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