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Can I Really Get Rich Without Working For it?

Sure you can…want to know how?

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OK welcome back everybody to my blog. Admittedly a somewhat ‘click-baity’ title today, but one that I think is worth seriously addressing. I think a lot of life coaches, public and motivational speakers like to suggest that you can get rich without working for it, without getting specific on how you can actually do that. 

Now a lot of what I’m going to speak to here is covered much more throughly in my book Stepping Beyond Intention that is available in various formats, including Kindle and audio book. Indeed the, idea there is to get ourselves beyond the need to constantly maintain conscious intentions, in pursuit of our end goals. 

I’ve spoken about this before in other blogs and podcasts, but today I wanted to really tackle it on it’s own. 

As you know: we are always creating, manifesting and executing. So much of what we do (up to 90%) is done without the need for conscious thought. Good thing too, right? If you have to choose each breath, step and blink – you’d have precious little time for anything else!

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So this subconscious system is vital to our survival. We see it present in other animals, great and small. We’d, I suppose, refer to it as “instinct” though it is far more malleable than that suggests. 

In essence, our subconscious programming is made up of emotional energy and the reactions to it. We learn, for instance, that the hot tap is hot because when we stick our hand under it as a child, it hurts.

This aversion to pain (in this case: a specific kind of pain) becomes stored as a behaviour towards hot taps. 

It is very common, and acute in extreme cases, for childhood pain or trauma to remain in our subconscious. Continuing to dictate our behaviour well into adulthood and beyond! 

There are probably a bunch of beliefs or behaviours that you hold/do on a regular basis, that if you really stopped and though about: you’d not really be able to justify. 

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Here’s a silly one for you, that I was told as a kid and it just remained stored well into adulthood…until one day I really thought about it:

“Moths are drawn to the light, because they think it’s the moon.”

Why the heck would a moth be trying to get to the friggin’ moon?!?

Makes zero sense, and while we don’t know definitively why moths are attracted to light, here’s an article with all of the working theories: https://animals.howstuffworks.com/insects/question675.htm In case you were wondering. 

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The astronautical aspirations of moths aside – you get my point: this was a belief that I held well into adulthood, not consciously, but it remained in place for much longer than it should have. I had just never given it any real attention. 

Think how many things like that are stuck in your subconscious right now, that haven’t received your proper attention since the event that inspired them!

This is what we see in lots of adults who experience anxiety disorders. They are acting emotionally, in response to events that trigger past traumatic experiences, as the age they were when they experienced them. That’s partly what makes it so hard to cope! 

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People in those situations can intellectualise the situation. They know that how they are responding isn’t rational. It’s just the emotional/energetic response is still routed in who they were in the past. Usually; a child. This is a prime example of how our subconscious choices can override our conscious desires. 

So how then does this apply to those of you who want to get rich without working for it?

Well let’s start with your brain. Specifically the reticular activating system (RAS). This network of neurones is designed to filter out all of the necessary input that is coming in, constantly, through your senses. This is why you don’t really feel your clothes as you go about your daily business. You might not notice that you’ve cut yourself, on occasion, and (crucially):

You don’t see things that don’t conform to your belief system!

Now there’s the well worn legend of the natives who could not see Magellan’s ships on the horizon. This is an interesting, if somewhat hard to prove/corroborate, story. The idea being that the natives of an island, having had no experience of a tall sailboat before, simply could not perceive the armada as it hove into view.

The trouble is: who do you ask?! If it’s true, they couldn’t tell you. They presumably just saw humans walking up the beach, apparently straight out of the sea.

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All cynicism aside though; I’m sure that you’ve all experienced, at some point in your life, that incredibly stressful time when trying to leave the house, but unable to locate your keys/wallet/purse/tickets etc… Only to find them laughing at you from your jacket pocket, or glove box.

So hell-bent on getting out the door and making your appointment were you, that your mind simply could not perceive said item being right in front of you. Ratcheting up the stress only further entrenched the problem. 

This is a scenario in which the reticular activating system is working against you, but there are many more where the opposite is the case. Odds are though, in your day-to-day life; these go largely unnoticed.

But what if you could attune your RAS to look for what you want? Would that enable you to get rich without working for it?

Well look: I get that we’re talking semantics here, to a lesser or greater extend. Defining ‘work’ is hard for a start, but for the purposes of this article we’re going to assume that it comes with a degree of undesired effort, be that physical or mental. In other words: you want to avoid it. 

Another way to look at it is to say: can I earn a surplus of cash, regularly, without needing to devote my time and energy to something, if I don’t want to?

That’d be a better way of defining our terms, I think. 

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The answer is absolutely yes!! but it does require upfront, internal ‘work’ in order to set yourself up (or ‘align’ yourself) in order to start having money come to you passively. 

There’s the old saying, isn’t there: “The rich get richer”! Usually accompanied by a tut, a shrug or disdainful follow up claim about how unfair it all is.

I think what a lot of people who use this saying fail to realise is; they’re right!

But it’s not the marker of some rigged, unfair or biased system (though some systems may well be). No; it’s simply a statement that rich people attract more of the same experiences into their world, because their minds are attuned to look for and find it!

I mean: in a very basic way, this is why we hold experience in such high regard, isn’t it? When people look for work, it is usually their experience that is valued above all else. Why? Because it is a generally held agreement, that once someone has experienced something – they will have an easier, or more efficient time doing it again. 

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If you have grown a client’s portfolio to over 400% profits in six months (let’s say), then odds are; you can do that again for someone else. This is in no small part thanks to your mind now knowing that it is possible.

This is how we can begin to train our brains, to support us getting rich without having to work for it. 

You don’t have to actually do the thing that you want to eventually do. Not from the outset. You just need to be able to dig deep, identify and really feel the emotions that you would associate with it being real. Do this on a regular basis, really sit with those emotions and play out a day in your ideal life. 

This will begin to teach your RAS what to look for, to the point that you will start to make small steps towards your intended outcome without even realising it. As these become your new normal, you’ll start to see a shift in how things come to you, seemingly out of the blue. 

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There’s a LOT more to cover on this topic. We haven’t covered the need for ‘clearing’ or really touched on ‘alignment’. I just wanted to really address exactly how getting rich without working for it is possible. 

I have a bunch of free resources that you can use to start your journey towards financial freedom, abundance and beyond. 

If you enjoyed this, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

For more guidance on how to change your internal programming, to attract greater abundance and experience greater freedom: please click on the link below for free access to my…

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  1. Dianne J. Shaver

    HI Dan,

    This came on the day I finished the last step today. And, the money I got from my new client is already in the bank. Somehow in the last step everything became clear to me. Now, of course, the work is to stay tuned into my mindset, thoughts and emotions – alignment.
    So, long way around. This blog makes perfect sense. And, it is about allowing and being in the flow, of course and the work it takes to get there.

    Enjoy your blog as well as all of the programs, resources, etc. I have experienced.

    In gratitude,

    1. Daniel Mangena

      Hi Dianne,
      Thank you so much for this. Celebrating your win with you! I can’t tell you how much it means to hear that you’re enjoying these blogs.
      SO much gratitude for you,

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