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How the Right Mindset Can Lead to Manifestation

You are a magnet for positive energy!

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Hello you lovely lot, we made it to the end of the week! As we continue to ride the wave of the good and the bad, it’s important we take a moment to catch our breath. I hope that whatever you have planned in the coming days, you manage to create a little time for yourself! In this blog, I’d like to discuss that headspace further by exploring how the right mindset can lead to manifestation. When it comes to manifesting the abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life we all aspire to, it has to start from within. It’s not just about what meditation you’re doing, what chant you’re repeating, or what yoga pose you’re trying to master. It is in fact your mindset that is ultimately responsible for the signals you send out into the universe – and what you receive in return. Get that straight, and you’re giving those opportunities the space to exist beyond the realm of daydreams.

The real impact of negative thought

As I touched on above, I believe that what we put out into the universe is what we’re going to get back! We can all ‘show up’ every day in pursuit of our dreams, of course. But if that comes from a bad space, it’s likely we’ll find ourselves stuck in a rut. The right mindset can lead to manifestation if we’re thinking the right thoughts. If we’re thinking negative thoughts, our internal mental ecosystem is going to be negative. This means the expectations projected into reality to form our world are based on that same negative environment. As a result, the substance of those things is going to be undesirable! Everything that shows up for us is going to happen against that backdrop of propensity towards negativity. Inevitably, our thoughts become things, and the things then become seeds that bear fruit of the very same nature!

Everyone is manifesting all of the time

That includes you! Manifestation isn’t some superpower that only a special few of us are capable of wielding. The truth is that we are all manifesting every day, often without realizing it. How? By doing it unconsciously (and I’m not talking about sleepwalking to the fridge to fix yourself a tuna sandwich)! To manifest effectively, we must be deliberate over these thoughts and conscious over what we call into our experience. The right mindset can lead to manifestation, but only of we know about it! It’s about taking the unconscious process of unfolding our reality and interjecting it with conscious choice over what those outcomes are. We must, therefore, honor the process of pure thought into physical matter. But what do I mean by this exactly, and do we go about it? It starts with a little thing I like to call our vibe!

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The right mindset can lead to manifestation

First and foremost, this process starts via the experience of our vibrational wave – also known as our emotional response. Our emotions are the first point of contact between the non-physical and physical world. Our emotional state therefore has a direct impact on our thought processes. We’ve all heard of ‘mind over matter’; this basically describes our thoughts impacting the neural pathways within the brain that constrict and expand, thus providing us with the landscape of choices we’re able to make. In order to create any kind of outcome, all of these things must exist in alignment. If what we’re feeling, thinking or doing is even slightly out of sync, we risk losing the connection with what we want to create. This, however, is why manifestation doesn’t work for everyone. For those who prefer the visualization technique, these elements will never fully align. If you’re not ‘feeling’ it, then it’s not for you.

Consciously choosing what you want

Those who choose to ‘visualize’ their way through life may find it works for them. But while this method takes care of the mind, their emotional state will always be out of whack. As soon as visualization stops, the default ‘contradictory’ emotional state kicks in and their unconscious environment continues to perpetuate what they don’t want. By taking actions, making choices, and moving through a physical reality against a backdrop of what they don’t want, it’s no wonder their goals don’t come to fruition! Instead, by consciously choosing to align both emotionally and mentally with what we want, we can make the progress we wish to see. Furthermore, by consciously moving through the world in expectation of what we want, we can take command of all the good stuff that goes into creating the reality that we desire. Sounds good, am I right?

Your fortune is in your hands

Want in on a little secret? The rules of the universe don’t change based on what we’re trying to create! Whether it’s money, relationships, or a new career, manifestation applies to everything in equal measure. You may not believe it, but 90% of lottery winners end up back where they were within the first five years of wealth. Why? Because of their inability to consciously keep hold of it and manifest so as to prolong its lifespan. We place so much importance on money, but what good is that if we can’t keep hold of it? At the end of the day, money is a tool that gives us the choice of less power or more power. It can fill us with anxiety, and at the same time fill us with hope. We are the ones that attribute meaning to it, when in reality it’s just numbers on a screen (or notes in your wallet). By projecting this kind of energy onto money, we are creating a disconnect between ourselves and our capacity to have more choice! While this can hinder our capacity to express who we are, money doesn’t change everything; you can still be a good person and find happiness, money or not!  

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Now, get manifesting!

That’s right my friends! The journey to positive manifestation just begun. Thanks so much for stopping by to read this blog. If you’re ready to lead an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life – then I salute you! Once you’ve made that conscious decision, you’ll never look back. If you have time to stick around, I highly recommend browsing my blog for more advice on how to take control of your destiny. My podcast ‘Do It With Dan’ also invites you to dream with your eyes open, with regular guest healers and coaches. For my fellow bookworms, you may be pleased to hear that, yes, I’m also a bestselling author! If you’re keen to find out more, you’ll find all my books here. However you choose to welcome success into your life, I’m here with you every step of the way!

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