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How A Conscious Relationship With Our Dreams Can Welcome Abundance

From setting intentions to set in stone

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Do you have a conscious relationship with your dreams, and why does it really matter? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about daydreaming the hours away (we all fall prey from time to time)! The perfect life, however that may look to you, is a wonderful thing to imagine. But fantasizing will only get us so far. With no real connection to that outcome, the chances of it becoming reality are slim. In this blog, we’ll look at how to venture beyond the unknown; building that conscious relationship with our dreams to welcome abundance.

We’re waiting at the airport but our plane is in the sky

Folks come to me these days with one question and one question only: ‘Dan, how do I get rich?’ I ask them what they define by ‘rich’, after which they reply: ‘money’. I then go on to ask them how much money would make them rich, and what they would need it for. Cue the tumbleweed! All too often, the conversation then ends there. Why? Because truthfully, they haven’t really thought about it! This often reminds me of the time I missed a very important flight to Toronto. I’d arrived at the wrong airport entirely, and I’m standing in JFK waiting for a flight that doesn’t exist. By not creating a conscious relationship to where we are, or where we are going, how can that path possibly hope to exist?

Allow yourself to lovingly hold the truth of your space

To form that conscious relationship with your dreams starts by taking honest stock of where you are. This isn’t about guilt or shame or regret. Instead, it’s about nurturing that awareness, and being mindful of where you are, and where you are headed! It’s also about understanding that no truth is permanent. We live in an impermanent, malleable universe where change is inevitable. Perhaps your relationship is under strain, you’re overdrawn on your account, or that promotion at work didn’t come your way this time. Rather than wallow in self-pity, by mustering the courage to look at these things dispassionately and show yourself some self-love, you can then move forward with intention.

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How a conscious relationship with our dreams can welcome abundance

Imagine a reality where everything was the opposite; where our relationships were happy, our bank account was flush, and we’re sitting at our desk several promotions later. In this reality, we are finally with the capacity to enjoy the things we want to enjoy in our lives; no need for daydreaming! Why? Because by working on that conscious relationship we have with our goals, we can deliberately set intentions to lay a path for ourselves where all of those things are flipped. Manifesting change in our reality then comes from a place of abundance, so that we may easily attract success into our reality time and time again!

Have You Stepped Beyond Intention?

With my four-step program the Beyond Intention Paradigm, I help people move beyond resistance through both accountability and awareness of their actions. From ‘Accept’ to ‘Clear’ to ‘Gratitude’ to ‘Listen’, my first step ‘Accept’ centers very much around taking responsibility for our present reality. It’s about acknowledging the fact that we are all authors of our own narratives, and that everything that has happened up until this point is as a result of our choices; conscious or unconscious! Accepting that everything happens as a result of our choices will only help us make those future life-shaping decisions from a place of truth – and thus a place of great abundance.

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Welcome abundance into your heart!

By accepting your physical reality and you place within it, you can start to build arguably one of the best relationships you’ll ever build! You’ll want to check out my bestselling work Stepping Beyond Intention, which explores the modality that is my Beyond Intention Paradigm, using gratitude as one of the many tools to achieve our success – and hold onto it! For more inspiration, tune into my ‘Do It With Dan’ podcast, or why not catch me face to face for one of my live events? Embrace that learning to expand on your journey, and abundance will surely follow!

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