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Opportunities and how NOT to take them

Start choosing the experiences that you want to have!

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all managing this week with grace and joy, seizing on all of the opportunities you have for growth and abundance. 

I want to talk about not taking different kinds of opportunities today. Specifically: opportunities to complain. 

I fell into this trap recently. I caught myself relishing the chance to complain, when it arose and in catching myself I was reminded of what I’m always saying: I am only experiencing that which I am a match for. 

Reality wraps around how you feel, because how you feel is the first experience you have in the physical realm, of what your vibration/frequency is internally. Since we can only experience what we are a vibrational match for, what we experience shows us what our frequency is, in any given moment. 

So using how we feel, and really getting attuned to that consciously, is a great barometer for what’s going on deep down. You can then really start to build a picture of the connections between different feelings and their meaning. You can then start to build a map for yourself. 

How do we get into a place where we can get in tune with our feelings, and start to build those connections? Well I find that keeping a journal helps. If I want to look back on an emotional state (because that’s what we usually remember, over circumstances) I can see what had been going on that day and how my frequency was lining me up with an outcome that I perhaps didn’t want. 

From there: acceptance. Acceptance that I am the common denominator in everything I experience, and acceptance that everything I experience is my responsibility. 

Then we have to clear and get centered. What do I mean by that? Well we know that we will call in to our experience that which we are a vibrational frequency. So we need to clear our subconscious first, before we can start to feed back in the program/frequency that we want it to run on. 

I have lots of funky clearing tools, some of which you can use for free HERE

Once you do that, you can start to make decisions from the present. As I’ve said a bunch of times: the present moment is all that is real anyway. If you’re not making your choices based on that, but instead based on avoiding a past trauma or an imagined future (full of ‘worst-case’ scenarios) you’re calling those things into your experience! 

Instead; step out of those energy traps, get back in to a space of heart coherence and start choosing the experiences that you want to have. When you can do that, really start to put yourself in your own ‘future shoes’ and ask yourself: “what does future me feel like?” Because that version of you is experiencing what you want! If you want to step in to that version of yourself you need to start feeling what that version is feeling. 

I had a nasty experience recently. I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say: I found myself surrounded with rude, dismissive people (this is why I found myself falling into a trap of complaining). How did I get round that? I just told you: I managed to call myself back into the present, found my heart center and then imagined my future self where I was happy and not bothered by a bunch of rude assholes! 

Now, did they stop being rude? Did I find myself suddenly surrounded by well-wishers and sycophants? No (and who really wants that anyway) but I took back control of how I wanted to feel, and in doing so was completely freed from the situation. 

Sometimes we expect the situations to change in a split second and consider it a defeat when they don’t. Now sometimes they will and sometimes they won’t in their apparition; but our connection to any given situation, our experience, we can change whenever we want.

Once you step in to that state of being that isn’t swayed by what’s happening in your outside world, you develop a form of power over your reality that is unbridled! A power to be unfazed by whatever is going on and to be able to dictate what is happening on the inside. 

That, my friends, is true dominion over your world. 

So, to recap. What to do in a situation where you have the opportunity to complain:

  1. Take a really deep breath!
  2. Remember that you are responsible for everything you experience, on some level. 
  3. Accept that creative power. 
  4. Use whatever clearing tools work for you, to come back to the present moment. 
  5. Connect to the feelings associated with the experiences that you want to have. 

From this space you will start to see so much more of the positives in every situation. Even the crappy ones. 

Don’t depend on the things going on outside of you to chance. Take control for yourself and stand in gratitude for your ability to have dominion over your own internal environment. 

That’s all for today. 

I hope this has clicked with some of you. If you enjoyed it, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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