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How to Overcome The Fear of Success

What is really guiding your decision making?

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Welcome to this week’s blog. I hope you’re all enjoying the festive season wherever you are. I know that this has been a hard one for many of you, but there’s always a choice to be made in the present, in the direction of your desired outcome! We just have to be able to recognise and act on it. We can very easily allow ourselves to become slaves to circumstance and that’s what this blog is all about – how to overcome the fear of success. 

Where does your fear of success come from, do you think?

Really. I know you might be tempted to say “I’m not afraid of success” but odds are, it’ll come with a big hairy “…BUT…” attached to it. 

Come on, be honest with yourself: you make excuses for why you’re not achieving what you want to. That’s fine, they might even be really good ones.

They are stemming from a fear of success though and that is, I’m afraid: unavoidable. 

Now, the excuses are a part of you telling yourself that it’s not your fault. Guess what: that’s true! It isn’t, not up until now anyway. 

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The excuse making and fault finding is all coming up from your subconscious programming, something that you’ve not had a guiding hand in hitherto. 

But now you DO!

We’ve touched on this so many times here, but I have to repeat it: we run on our subconscious programming up to 90-97% fo the time! That’s a hugely powerful, guiding force in our decision making. I don’t say this to suggest disempowerment, not a bit of it.

You can gain mastery over your subconscious by introducing new programs that support your success!!

This is vital if we want to achieve the goals that we set out with. As I’m sure many of you will have experienced, whether in a business endeavour or personal goal: when the initial spark of creativity burns out and the going gets tough – it is very easy to revert to negative thinking and wind up right back where you started. 

Come on, we’ve all been there!

Now there can be other underlying issues at play. Unworthiness is a huge one for a lot of people. ‘Imposter Syndrome’ is another word for it. Deep down you don’t think you’re good enough, qualified enough, not the right sort of person etc… so you begin sabotaging your opportunities. 

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Whatever that thing is, it’s running the show and you don’t have the means to stop it…yet!

Let’s back the truck up for a second though, to address another aspect of this:

Your mind never loses! 

Yup, your mind has never lost anything. Every decision that it’s made, has come to fruition, you just didn’t have a conscious hand in it. This is why I also say that ‘our environment doesn’t lie’, meaning that everything around you, in your life, right now; is there as a direct result of the choices you’ve made. They just weren’t all made consciously.

Now yes: I’m sure that you’ve faced adversity and situations that were not of your making.

That’s part of life! How you respond to it though is within your control. 

We’re very good at looking to external circumstances to blame. That’s our egoic self trying to protect us. When something happens to you though, it’s an opportunity.

It’s a chance to choose whether it’s happening to, or ‘for’ you. 

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Easier said than done, I know. Your house might burn down because of a lightening strike, and short of blaming yourself for choosing to live somewhere where that was possible; you could quite easily consider your self a victim of circumstance.

But that’s also an opportunity to rebuild. The forcing of your hand to truly let go of the past and forge forward! The leverage you needed to make a fresh start!

I know that’s not how these things feel in the moment, but you have to see them for what they are.

Emotions are ‘energy in motion’ yes? They travel through us and don’t hang around for more than 90 seconds. They can become trapped however, and we can choose to hold on to them. 

Why do we do that? Because that’s how our subconscious learns! 

Think about it: in order for it to have such cat-like reflexes, making decisions nine-million times faster than you can, it can’t learn by theory. It has to work off impulse, which is what emotions give it. They allow it to learn what to avoid and what to seek more of, faster than any rationalising or philosophy lectures can!

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Once we know this though, we can begin training it. We can overcome the fear of success by feeding our subconscious emotional frequencies, that start to sow the seeds of familiarity. 

I know that maybe sounds a bit ‘woo-woo’ but it really isn’t. All it requires, in essence, is a bit of imagination and discipline. 

First, to overcome the fear of success; we must define what we actually mean by the word ‘success’!!

So many people crow on about wanting to be more successful in their business, but they don’t define precisely what that success looks like!

And no: “more customers and more turnover” doesn’t cut it! I mean, what does it really look like?

  • What will you do when those customers start coming in?
  • Will you start hiring more staff to help?
  • Will you hand off the running of day-to-day operations to someone else?
  • Will you rent a new business premise, to give you extra capacity? 

There are so many facets to how it’s all going to go down, but I want you to think about all that stuff and then really picture yourself, in great detail; having achieved all that.

What are you doing on an average day and most importantly of all: how does it feel?!

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See, this is what a lot of modalities and guides tiptoe around, but rarely actually understand. Vision boards and all that stuff are fine, so long as you’re using them in the right way! 

This is about setting up the subconscious to do the heavy lifting for you!

We hate making choices, don’t we? We shy away from it all the time, usually because we’re afraid of the outcome. We might lose out one something further down the road, if we choose the wrong thing now. So we bury our heads in the sand and look to external factors to make the decisions for us. 

In other words: we become slaves to fate! 

Do you really want your happiness and your success dictated by the whim of fate? That really would be something to be fearful of. 

The other side of this is that people convince themselves that it’s a zero sum game. They can’t have success without it coming at the expense of their home-life or starting a family.

That’s only what your subconscious is feeding you though, again: on old programming that isn’t serving you!

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Financial, personal and any other form of success can happily coexist for you. It’s not just for other people and it can be yours! You Deserve it.

You don’t have to fear success at all! It just requires hard work, and not the kind that you probably imagine.

It’s all internal, that’s why you face such resistance internally! Think about it: physically hard work is easy to do, once you have sufficient leverage over yourself to do it.

Once you can impress upon your subconscious mind the weight of the emotional payoff, you’ll create all the leverage you need, in order to overcome the fear of success.

You’ll know that the payoff is worth whatever temporary hardship that you have to endure, to the point where it won’t feel like hardship. 

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If you would like some free guidance and practical tools that you can use to overcome the fear of success and start sailing towards your dream life: please check out my FREE RESOURCES page. There’s lots there to get you started and for some of you, those may be all you need! So check them out. 

Did I mention that they’re free? Cause….they’re free. 

We also offer loads more resources and information here in the blog, over on my YouTube channel, my Podcast and my books:Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well.

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  1. Nathalie Kamp

    my fear is that I will have success and be alone, though I am pretty alone at this moment as well. I am afraid that when I have succes I will be bored, and I m afraid that when I have succes I will not be able to sustain it, that it will be so much hard work that I am tired just by the thought alone, and that I will see myself that I don’t know enough, that I am just not thorough enough.

    I do really want to leave all that behind… but it feels heavy

    I do also know that I have a very optimistic nature, which will always show up again, but now, at 52, and with all that is going around, I want to break through, but I would love to not do it all alone.

    very funny, knowing that I am a very independent woman, I want to be independent, but without that meaning that I have to do everything on my own.


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