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Where To Start Creating Success From

The Flow Funnel Phase 1: honouring the different levels that we operate on.

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Hey one and all! Welcome to the first in a series of blogs on my Flow Funnel. To those of you familiar with my work, this will no doubt be something you’ve either heard me mention before, or studied as part of my courses. I haven’t really addressed it in my blog before and I wanted to tackle it here, with a dedicated series. I want to give you the tools that you need, to start creating success now!

(And there’s some homework at the end of each of these, so look out for that!)

So, in a nutshell, what my Flow Funnel is really all about, is honouring the various levels of existence that we operate on. If we want to create something, anything, we have to do so across all planes of existence in order for it to be made manifest. 

In order for something to show up for you, in your reality/lived experience: creation as a whole must be honoured!

It doesn’t matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ that thing is for you, the laws of the universe do not change. Everything must align, in order to deliver you with that experience. 

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Most of the time, those things align at random and deliver random experiences. What we’re talking about with the Flow Funnel is harnessing them and being deliberate in how we interact with them, for the purposes of creating success. 

So even if it’s something as mundane as getting to work on time, reality has to align for that to become a lived experience. The mechanics of creating success are still at play. Your end of that is leaving home with enough time, then there’s what the traffic is like, whether you get a parking space etc… these things all have to fall in line, in order for you to be sat at your desk, on time. 

Now, an aside: the beauty of this is that, as I say, the laws do not change. So you can use this on anything. You don’t have to have some lofty goal of world domination in order to put this into action.

(And if that is your goal, please consult a medical profession at your earliest convenience)

You can start applying this to anything, to start seeing it work and creating success for you. The beauty of that is; it will begin to reenforce your belief system and bolster your confidence in its use even further. 

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A really big component of this, and forgive me for banging this drum once more, is that we have to own our lives. We must take full responsibility for the fact that, whatever we have experienced, or are currently experiencing: we desired and created it. It may well not have been a conscious creation.

As I’m also always saying: we run on subconscious programming up to 90% of the time. The fact is though that our subconscious does desire outcomes, and it will create them for us. Many will be positive and go completely unnoticed, others: less so. 

Own it all though, and you reclaim your power and dominion over your experience! Then, and only then, can you go about creating success.

This is why the Flow Funnel begins with intentions. This is what you are going to consciously ‘feed’ into it and then through its various forms of energy, to your own action. 

And YES: action is required in creating success!

The Flow Funnel by Daniel Mangena
The Flow Funnel

It’s concurrently the most, and least, important part. Most; because without it, your intention remains merely energetic and not physical. Least; because when it comes time to take action, it will be the final piece of the puzzle, with all of the preparation already done. The execution will be a matter of ease and grace, without really feeling like work at all. 

So start by taking the time to honour and accept that, whatever experiences you’ve had in your life, you called them in. This is not about guilt or blame. The fact is that these things are neither good nor bad, they’re done now. What’s left is what you do with them and the knowledge they gave you. 

Feel the power of that! Sit with it. Hold it in your hands. 

This means that, just being equipped with this knowledge, you now have the power to intentionally create your future. It doesn’t mean that you will necessarily, but you will always have the choice to reset and start choosing whenever you want. 

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Ok – homework time! 

I want you, if you haven’t already, to focus on getting clear about an intention. This can be whatever you want it to be, but maybe start small if this is your first time doing anything like this. 

Get clear on all aspects of what it is, when you want it by and why you want it. Do all of the mental leg-work in really pinning down your consciously chosen desire and being as specific as you possibly can. 

This is again where choosing something small and mundane could be the way to go. If you’re shooting for the end game right away, odds are; you haven’t already experienced it (or anything like it) and therefore fully grasping all aspects of it will be a struggle. 

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That said: you could aim for something like diverting some of your income into a new, diverse investment of some kind. Or maybe committing to a new, regular exercise regimen that will last for four weeks and cause you to lose X pounds. It could simply be that by tomorrow morning, you will have taken the trash out. 

Whatever it is, think about it, really interrogate it and ask why you want it:

Then write it down. Once you’ve done this, I want you to close your eyes (in a quiet space preferably) and really picture yourself in a state of having completed said goal. Make it as real and vivid for your mind’s eye as you possibly can. 

Once you have this and you’re really living in that space mentally, notice the physical feelings you start to feel by way of association. It could be butterflies in your stomach. It might be that ‘weight off my shoulders’ type of deal. Really study how you, the person who just did this awesome thing, feel and feel those feelings here and now!

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Sit with them and get familiar with them. Do this for maybe ten minutes or so, preferably more than once. Ideally enough times that you can conjure up those physical feelings, instantly at will. 

We’ll follow up with the next step in the Flow Funnel and your next bit of homework in the next blog in this series. Until then – keep dreaming with your eyes open and remember that you can choose and abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life!!

Thank you so much for reading this blog, from the bottom of my heart! If you enjoyed this, I produce regular Do It With Dan blogs, podcasts and videos. I have three books published now: Stepping Beyond Intention, The Dreamer’s Manifesto and From Time-to-Time (a really great book on time mastery). All of these are here to serve you and make you part of the journey as well. 

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