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Who We Are, Matters More Than What We Do!

If you do not believe that you are worthy of it, it will not come!

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Greetings one and all! Welcome back to another Dream With Dan blog-traviganza…ok I’m not good with portmanteaus, but you get the idea. Today I wanted to give you a brief summation of why who we are, matters more than what we do. 

Ok, sorry to have to disagree with you Batman; but who we are underneath does define us, at least in the long run, more than what we do.

This topic actually came from a conversation I was having with my wife. We had both watched the same video, but had two different perspectives on what the meaning of it was. Shock horror I know; a husband and wife seeing something completely different in the same thing. 

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What it awoke in me though, was the notion that all events are filtered through us. The reason why two (or more) people can recount events totally differently, is because we all have brains that are wired differently, to support different belief systems. It’s these belief systems, or fundamentally who we are, that matters more than anything we do.

The event is essentially the seed that gets planted, it is cultivated in entirely different ways by the individual and their belief systems, resulting in the harvesting of a completely different crop (not to torture the farming metaphor too much)! 

There then of course comes the thorny issue of ‘truth’. 

What is the truth, if the witnessing of the same event can produce such potentially wildly different outcomes?

Well it’s not really messing with the truth so much as it is the outcome for the individual. You see, each person who witnesses said event goes off on their own tangent, taking what they’ve learned out into the world and attracting people, places and things based on their energetic reaction to it. 

It all starts with who we are though and the view points that we hold. This is what informs the blueprint that we are giving to reality and subsequently how we experience it. 

This is why I say that who we are matters more than what we do, because what we do is totally dictated by who we are! 

If we take something like your health and diet, for example. The beliefs you hold about the food you eat mean more than the food itself! You could exercise to kingdom come, but if you don’t believe deep down that it is possible for you to lose weight, then you won’t. 

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The same is true of money, of course. You might have all of the business opportunities in the world, but if you do not believe that you are worthy of making more; it will not come and if it does come by chance, it will not stay. This is why 90% of lottery winners go back to exactly where they were within five years of winning millions. Because what we believe matters more than what we do.

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That’s all for today. Short and sweet. I thought that this message was best left as a simple truth for you all. Remember to pay attention to who you are gang!

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