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Showing up for yourself to live a life of abundance

Who else is gonna do it for you?!

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When was the last time you showed yourself a little love, and are you showing up for yourself to live a life of abundance? 

Hello everyone, and a warm welcome to my blog! Whether you’re an avid follower or it’s your very first visit, it’s great to have you here. In times like these, we all know a little love – and even the smallest acts of kindness – can go a long way. Where to start?

It all starts with you 

Life is busy and full of distractions, with the lines between our personal and professional worlds blurred more now than ever before (hands up who’s zooming from their home office ‘fort’ as we speak)?! It’s likely we’ve had to put others first. From our children to our neighbours to our elderly relatives – with ‘looking after no.1’ falling by the wayside as a result.

When, for example, was the last time you looked in the mirror? And I don’t mean to brush your teeth when half asleep! Were you fully present with that person staring back at you, or did you struggle to recognize them at all? When empowering my clients to realize their potential and lead a purpose-filled life of joy and abundance – that journey has to start from within.

Eat, sleep, succeed, repeat

While I’d love to say my success came from a place of love and happiness – my own story was a little different. Showing up for yourself to live a life of abundance is, of course, easier said than done! It was only through seeking to ‘fix’ my past mistakes that I was able to emerge the person I am today, doing the job I was meant to do. I’d been on the journey of mindfulness and consciousness for many years. I soon found though, that if I couldn’t repeat something good (and not go on to experience it again) then what was the point? 

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I thought carefully about what practice I could create that applied to all walks of life. For when people found themselves in that ‘stuck’ state or waylaid with life’s difficult decisions. I wanted to help people to deliberately make the choice to seek out abundance in the simplest way possible. Thus my Beyond Intention Paradigm was born.

Moving freely with grace and ease

Yes, it sounds like the swan analogy (graceful on the surface while paddling furiously below), but – by following my Beyond Intention Paradigm – I wanted people to feel more effortless in their conscious decisions, without it feeling like hard work. It was soon that I arrived at these four words: Accept, Clear, Gratitude, Listen.

There are, of course, many layers to the four steps of Beyond Intention – but through these four conscious actions we are able to edge closer to a life of joy and abundance. By wielding these words as tools to empower our conscious decisions, only then can we direct that dominion to the outcomes we truly desire. Showing up for yourself to live a life of abundance just sounded a little easier, right?

Showing up for yourself to live a life of abundance is your birthright!

Yes, you heard me correctly! It may not always seem obvious, but I stand by the fact that we’re all worthy of this gift; the question is, what will you choose to do about it? When faced with self-doubt and the crippling anxieties life throws our way, this can be hard to comprehend. How, for example, can we truly open our hearts to let it in?

When the going gets tough, showing up for yourself to live a life of abundance understandably feels like a big ask. But if and when we’re feeling out of control, we just need to remember that the universe is not a tyrant that dictates how we live our lives (or you’d find me waiting at the pub)!

The truth is that we experience what we resonate with, and if we start to choose what we’re feeling, thinking and embodying, then we can start to deliberately experience abundance. Just look at nature for example; when left to its own devices (and with little human intervention) it’s beautiful, overflowing and always finds a way! In other words, abundance is the natural order of the universe; it’s choosing to be part of the flow that counts.

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Finding the way to joy and abundance, by showing up for yourself

Everything and everyone has a purpose (including you). But if you’re still struggling to see how abundance is waiting for you, you might want to think of things this way: our purpose is to expand and have more life, and offer those experiences to others to reach that place of joy. Resisting this does in fact take more effort, as it goes against the natural order of things!

Joy is as natural as children at play, and we need to normalize that fact so that showing up for yourself to live a life of abundance almost becomes second nature. Right now, it’s easy to be pulled into a space of negativity; just listen to the news for a few minutes, and my point is proven!

It’s about shutting off that background noise for a moment and returning to the truth that is you, and your story.

With ‘Accept’ leading my Beyond Intention Paradigm as the first step, we must make the choice to accept ourselves, and be accepting of our flaws. We must transcend those feelings of shame, blame and guilt that held us back for so long, so that we may grow though love and love for ourselves. We may not like the look of the route that got us here, but we can make a promise that the life we lead moving forward is full of joy and the right choices we can be proud of.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this blog was helpful! Wherever you happen to be on your journey, it’s never too late to take control of your conscious decisions and live the life of abundance you deserve. You can learn more about my Beyond Intention Paradigm from my bestselling book ‘Stepping Beyond Intention’ where I break down the process in more detail – empowering you to effect real lasting change within your life. Along with my other popular titles, why not tune into my Do It With Dan podcast if audio is more your bag? 

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