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The Journey of my Beyond Intention Paradigm

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Hello hello, and a very warm welcome to you. Abundant, joyful, purpose-driven…I’ll just leave that there! Whether you’ve heard of my Beyond Intention Paradigm or not, if these words resonate with you, then you’ve come to the right place. If these words describe the kind of life you’d love to lead, then you’re one step closer to achieving your goal. And if you’re already living the life of your dreams, then I salute you! But you may want to stick around – there is, after all, always room for expansion as we grow. In today’s blog, I’d like to explore the power of the intentions we hold. For me, that discovery happened to manifest further into the creation of my Beyond Intention Paradigm. So, more importantly, how can it help you on your journey?

Beyond Intention Paradigm: where it all began

To give you a bit of backstory, you could argue that my Beyond Intention Paradigm was forged by mistake; an accidental love child if you will! This came into being as a result of my quest to decipher why things had gone wrong. Having built and lost two multi-million-dollar fortunes at a very young age, my life quickly began to unravel. I struggled to understand how I could ‘make’ a success, but then fail to keep it. I can only describe it as catching the biggest fish in the lake, only for it to leap out of your hands back into the water! The model that I’d used to bring me to that initial success wasn’t working anymore; Vision, Purpose, Faith, Gratitude empowered me to receive that success, but it only took me so far. If I couldn’t build on the success I had already made, then what was the point? It was then through my wanting to end everything that I found myself on a new trajectory. Ironically, it was during my mission to end my life, and end it successfully, that I found myself embracing it along the way.

Change starts with the ‘self’

We’re all ‘masters of our own destiny’ – now there’s something you’ve heard before! But to effect real change, it really does have to come from us. I had to depend on myself, for example, to commit the unthinkable. As much as I pleaded from within, nothing or no-one else could ever ensure that outcome for me. This thinking led me to the common denominator theory; this invites us to consider that there’s no outcome or experience within our life where we are not the present entity. There is no other person, place or thing that exists across every experience we have. In order to effect real, lasting change, it has to start with the only common denominator: you! Without my realizing, this represented the very first step of my Beyond Intention Paradigm, which is, quite simply, the ability to ‘accept’.

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You are the author of your life

Fast-forward to the creation (and gift that keeps on giving!) of my Beyond Intention Paradigm, and it became my mission to empower others to take back control. Through the choices that you make, you are the author and creator of your life. Beyond your childhood, everything that has happened to you up until this point is the effect of the cause of choices already made – both consciously and unconsciously. When it comes to reflecting on our ‘mistakes’ (or learnings, as I like to call them), it’s not about the ‘blame game’, but acknowledging those events and accepting that responsibility. The beautiful thing about that? It allows us to move forward! Off the back of that responsibility, we can continue on our journey and hold dominion over all that we create within our lives.

Beyond Intention Paradigm and embracing the road ahead

Having built the foundation for my Beyond Intention Paradigm, I was then able to put the necessary steps in place. Moving on from the ‘Accept’ phase, it then became about establishing a space from which we can create. Next, it’s about learning to let go of stories and narratives that hold us slaves to the pas,t and to the future! Whether that’s feelings of trauma, shame, guilt, fear – these are all things we collectively encounter (now more than ever before). It’s what we choose to do with them that counts. The present moment, therefore, is the only space where we’re able to make the changes within our choices to effect new outcomes. From there, we may then connect to that outcome within the present experience, acknowledge it, and feel that sense of gratitude.

You’re only human

Step four of my Beyond Intention Paradigm may signal the end of your journey, but it’s an important one to remember if you wish you enjoy success on a consistent level. That step is ‘Listen’. At the end of the day, you are only human. While showing up every day will always aim you in the direction of what you want, you won’t always be on target! There will be days where you hit a homerun, and days where you want to stay wrapped snug in your comforter! There will be days where you move mountains, and days where you veer wildly off course. But you want to know something? That’s more than okay! By taking the time to listen, we can be more aware of when that happens – and feel empowered to get back on track. Master that, and you’ve implemented Beyond Intention Paradigm into your life.

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Beyond Intention Paradigm and returning to the self

Now that we’re stuck at home – and with the social media machine ever-prevailing – it’s easy to get hung up on the artificial stuff. I often get asked how we can cut through the noise in order to make that important diversion back to the ‘self’. My advice here would be this: focus on returning to what you have direct dominion over right now (and what you have indirect dominion over through your emotional state). Everything else is meaningless! It distracts us from making the choices that can help us prevail in life. Sure, it’s important to escape once in a while, but there are better ways to clear the mind and pave the way forward (what Kim Kardashian wears today does not affect your life)! The most important thing? Despite these challenging experiences we continue to face, we need to keep on tilling that soil so that’s it’s fertile enough for us to plant expansive and uplifting things. Keep doing that, and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards (perhaps when you least expect it)!

Thank you for reading, it means the world!

As ever, thanks so much for stopping by folks! I hope you leave feeling motivated and re-energized now faced with a new path ahead. Remember, an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life is in your hands! If you’re keen to take action, then you’ll find lots of useful resources here to empower you on your journey. Whether it’s my ‘Do It With Dan’ podcast with your favorite cup of coffee, or delving further into the teachings found in my books for a more rounded understanding. Help me help you to light the way forward!

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