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Consciously Creating Your Life Through Storytelling

You have the power to re-write your story

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With another year gone, January represents the opportunity to get those resolutions down and wipe the slate clean. It’s a time for optimism, positivity and most importantly – no looking back. The problem with this? While it may sound wonderful on paper, our desire to manifest change from nowhere will not get us far. The truth is, our stories matter. Whatever we may have been through these past few months, years or even decades, the stories of our past continue to shape our lives; they are what make us who we are. So, how can we invite change in a way that empowers us to take back control, and take action? Consciously creating your life through the power of storytelling is a gradual process, but by owning your truth and recognizing your power, it is possible to change the trajectory.

Choose your story, change your life

I spoke to Kindra Hall, storytelling guru and author of ‘Choose Your Story, Change Your Life’ on the true impact our collective stories can have on our lives. It’s true that we can’t alter the past; we don’t have a magic time machine to change those events. Perhaps it was the loss of a job, or worse still, the loss of a loved one; those things are set in stone and no longer within our control.  Yet we can, as Kindra puts it, choose which stories we continue to follow – and thus change our lives. All too often, we are conditioned to believe we don’t have agency over this narrative. This only results in our being led by such stories – when in fact it is we who can lead the way forward.

Are you trapped in the same story?

While stories can inspire us, they also have the power to weigh us down and make us doubt our intentions. When trapped inside these stories, we are no longer active participants – only bystanders. It’s at this point we are faced with a choice: bypass vs. accept. If we choose to ignore the fact we are no longer consciously present within our narratives, the train will never stop. But if we find the courage to step off the train and consider a new route, we are ready to pursue that change in our lives. For many of us, the process of realization and the healing that follows can take time. Yet dwelling on it for too long can result in our continued struggle as we travel further from the truth.

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We all start somewhere…

We are the way we are for a reason! Some stories may feel so ingrained it’s impossible to comprehend where they came from; but they didn’t come out of thin air. Our stories are what drive our behavior, our decisions, and the way we feel and act in the world. We can’t erase the past, but we can use it as a foundation from which to forge something new. Building on something that’s already there within us, without having to start ‘from scratch’ is more likely to empower and incite action. Afterall, we’re basing this new start on what we already know! But how can we choose a story that is real, and not just fiction?

Consciously creating your life, your way

Consciously creating your life through the power of storytelling has to come from you – not a story belonging to someone else. 90% of lottery winners go back to where they were in just five years. Why? When a story is so different, the mind (in the end) reverts back to what it knows.

Confronting our truth is easier said than done, yet by accepting the ‘mess’, we can learn to resource ourselves to do things differently. We can form a better understanding of the growth that’s required to reach that end destination. Perhaps we desire financial freedom, yet we’ve spent much of our lives in poverty and feel stuck in stories of money deep-rooted in our past. For this reason, it’s hard to tell ourselves a story of financial freedom we’ll actually believe. Yet by acknowledging what these things require – such as discipline and self-sacrifice – we can identify other areas of our lives within which we have already displayed these traits. This can then be re-routed towards the story of our choosing.

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Follow the yellow brick road

As Kindra puts it, we all want to get to Emerald City! Some of us spend our whole lives looking for that yellow brick road. But the truth is, the path looks different for everyone.

While on our search, we also have the tendency to stray from the truth – chasing the magic of affirmations and the excitement of the unknown. Yet deep down, the mind is looking for something familiar to build on. For this reason, many of us struggle to create these new stories, and make the new choices required to create that change. Instead of clicking our heels like Dorothy and hoping for the best, we should ask ourselves: what is here now, and what can we build on? Your best bet at creating that future is, in fact, relying on what is already there. Once your inner critic is distracted by that truth, only then can you move forward.

You have what it takes to get there

We all have it in us to choose how the story goes. By accepting the events of our past – and choosing to learn and grow from our experiences – we can lean into a life that is joyful, abundant and full of purpose. If you like what you’ve read above, you can find the full episode of my talk with Kindra over on Do It With Dan. While you’re here, I hope you’ll browse the blog further – or why not dive into my teachings further by exploring my collection of bestselling books? If social is your thing, you’ll also find me on Instagram where I continue to host live events and coaching sessions. However you choose to join our community, I look forward to helping you on your journey!

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