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Why We’re All Winners If We Choose To Believe It

What if I told you: ‘the mind cannot fail’?

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They say it’s the taking part that counts. But without the reward of a shiny gold trophy – what’s the point in even trying? As the planet’s most prestigious sporting event dominates the world stage, so our fixation with ‘being the best’ continues. For many of us moving through times of ‘failure’ in life, this mentality does us more harm than good. Often, this even has the power to turn those moments of disappointment into moments of catastrophe. So, why don’t we just stop comparing our achievements to others for a moment? The only real competition we face is the one within ourselves! This blog explores why we’re all winners, if we only choose to believe it.

Holding ourselves accountable

Beyond the bells and whistles of events like the Olympics, it’s the uplifting human stories that are truly deserving of our attention. The same goes for our own endeavors, no matter how big or small. We’re all winners for taking part, sure. But by showing up for ourselves consistently we are holding ourselves accountable for our actions. This gives us the power so we can succeed, and effect real change. What it boils down to is this: each and every one of our ‘competitors’ hails from a different background and walk of life. More importantly, they too are following their own unique path. By trying to mimic that success, we only risk adopting a narrative that can never truly be ours. Instead, by honing our focus and surrendering our energies to our own vision of success, we can begin to make real progress.

We’re all winners if we choose to believe it

What would you achieve if I said anything was possible? Ultimately, the one thing competitors of such an esteemed event have in common is this: dedication. In a world of instant gratification and quick fixes, the power of such a long-term commitment is often underestimated. When I talk about my practice of microshifting, these are steps taken towards a consciously chosen outcome. Not only does this inevitably result in some form of progress, but it also initiates a winning mentality; if my one microshift of the day is to turn my desk towards the window, I’ll walk away a winner in my mind once having achieved it! By consistently choosing to make these steps (and take them physically), we are winning in our minds, no matter how small the victory may seem. For this reason, the mind never loses!

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Turning expectation into inspiration

While it’s natural to obsess over our competition, the expectations of others – whether that be our family, friends, or Insta feed – ultimately contribute to our downfall. Not only does this threaten to blow us off course, but it can also result in our adopting a new narrative entirely – and often one we’re not happy with! Instead, why not ask the question: what can I learn from this person that will add value to my life? How can inviting them into my space make things better (not worse)! By looking beyond the filter and searching for those stories of courage and inspiration, we can still learn valuable lessons from others if we choose to receive them. This can also help us reflect on our own trajectories, and ask us to consider whether to shoot for a different part of the sky.

A gentle reminder: don’t give up!

With COVID-19 forcing us to put our dreams on hold, or even cancel them altogether, I say this: don’t give up! Just look at those competitors out there giving it their all – and against all odds! Yet the truth is, you don’t have to be an Olympian to smash your goals. Keep taking those small but mighty steps in the direction of your own finish line, and you’ll always be winning in your mind. I think you’ll agree this is a great place to start! To help keep that fighting spirit alive, my blog is full of tips and tricks designed to help you manifest a life of abundance. If you like what you read, then why not delve a little further into my bestselling books – one of many tools created to empower you on your journey! If podcasts are up your street, my shows ‘Do It With Dan’ and ‘Beyond Success’ welcome you along – with episodes updated on a weekly basis! Or why not catch me face to face for one of my live events over on Instagram and Facebook? Embrace the learning experiences available to expand on your journey, and abundance will surely follow!

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